Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner make sure their past history does not impact relation with kids

The rumours of the hotshot couples break up came out when ‘SICKO MODE’ artist Travis Scott was accused of cheating on Kylie Jenner around October 2022. Instagram model Rojean Kar claims she and Travis had an affair during his relation with Kylie. Upon which the allegation was later denied by Travis.

Kylie and Travis with their daughter Stormi'(Hollywood Life)
Kylie and Travis with their daughter Stormi'(Hollywood Life)

Apart from the obvious state of complexity and tension arising between the former couple, it is very obvious they dont want their children to get affected by it. Post the breakup the kids have been living with Kylie but it has given the father, enough time to spend with his little ones. Clips and footages have shown Travis spending time with his children ireespective of his busy schedule and shows. The main footage being the one where Travis was seen in London spending some father-daughter time with Stormi. Kylie’s family have showed great support during this time by taking care of the kids and supporting Kylie though the whole process. The fans still hold strong that the couple would soon get back together as such event of their breakup has taken place before but for that to possibly happen anytime soon seems very unlikely. Kylie and Travis are not officially living together according to sources from Elle “he has his own place. They are co-parenting though, and things are going great. They are together and happy. They’re not in the rush. They’re just enjoying their little family.”

Travis and Kylie(Harper's Bazaar)
                                                                 Travis and Kylie(Harper’s Bazaar)

This shows the fans irrespective of the action or the occurence of the event the couple most certainly do not want their actions and problems to cause chaos and disruption to their childrens lives The fact of handling the events so maturely irrespective of both having such success in thier respective career it shows they might not look eye-to-eye on certain things but are still close, most importantly being good friends and showing their fullest of support to each other.

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