Croatian model Ivana Knoll caught the attention of the Arabs, a beautiful sight in the football World Cup Qatar

Croatian model Ivana caught the attention of the world media. The most beautiful moments of the football world cup is now trending.

One cannot predict when their fate changes suddenly. An unknown person may becomes a celebrity next day, recognised by people all over the world.  We can see many such examples around us.  There are many people who have suddenly caught the world’s attention through a short video.

This need not be said especially in the present age.  Because social media is so pervasive.  If something small is shared on social media and it goes viral on social media, the next day his or her life will change.  It is a reality that many people have changed their life in this way.

Similarly many have gone viral during cricket and football matches.  There is a lot of history where some scenes captured by the camera in the gallery where the game is taking place have gone viral on social media and then the persons who appeared in those scenes have become famous stars.  In the Indian Premier League cricket match, many people have been caught on camera and have gone viral.

Such a viral star was the most discussed during the Qatar World Cup.  Fans all over the world are following the World Cup football.  We can see the crowd of fans overflowing the gallery every time the match takes place.  We can see their admiration for their team in the gallery.

They show support for the team by wearing the jerseys of the team they support, holding flags and holding up photos of their favorite players.  A model who appeared in a gallery supporting the last World Cup finalist Croatia team went viral on social media.  The star is now the talk of the social media.

During the Croatia game, the model appeared in the gallery wearing a dress with Croatia’s flag on it.  Camera eyes searched for the star.  The model appeared in a cool bold outfit.  Hence, the photos quickly went viral on social media.  The model in the video is Ivana Knoll.  She has around 2.2 million fans on Instagram.


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