Bianca, an American data scientist turned model with her glamorous photos

Bianca Jordan, The prominent DataScientist Gaining Popularity with her gorgeous photos and amazing skills in the Data Science Consultancy field. Bianca is American based and lives in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is a gorgeous social media influencer model besides Data Scientist.

Bianca started posting technology and data related reels on instagram. She helped many to learn coding skills and become efficient in tech field. Her clients gives positive feedback for her teaching and consultancy.

Bianca also shares yoga poses in short videos. She gives importance to health and body positivity.  She is committed to a relationship since 2017. Bianca launched her website on 13 September 2020.

Apart from this, Bianca active on YouTube. She uploaded a 6 minute tutorial video of how to become a Data Scientist. She encourages everyone to learn SQL Programming language first because it’s very important and necessary to gather data.

Secondly she talk about Python language. She specifically pointed out object oriented programming features of Python.

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