Worst catwalk mishaps ever – from awkward falls to sexy wardrobe malfunctions

It’s that time of year again where the style elite gather at the fashion capitals of the world to fall head over heels for the newest garments made by some of the finest designers to grace the globe.

And it’s not uncommon for models to literally fall over in their heels in the process.

From sky high stilettos that ‘bend’ ankles to dresses that are so low cut they simultaneously flash boobs and belly buttons, runway mishaps are certainly not hard to come by.

Even established models that make the job look easy are not immune to a mid-catwalk tumble – Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid we are looking at you.

While some outfits are meant to leave little to the imagination thanks to fully sheer tops or swimwear made from duct tape, other designs don’t quite cover up the model how the material was supposed to.

As, of course, precarious designs come hand in hand with the odd slip.

Poker faced models strut along flashing the crowd without even realising at times – and those who do are forced to maintain professionalism.

Only the other week at Paris Fashion Week mega model Kristen McMenamy chucked off her heels while walking for the Valentino Haute Couture show as she couldn’t stay steady in the shoes.

So, in honour of London Fashion Week that starts on Friday (February 17), we have rounded up the worst catwalk mishaps that have been caught by the photographer’s lens at the end of the runway.

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