‘World’s s@xiest tennis influencer’ puts great figure down to ‘busting her butt’

Gorgeous tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann has revealed the secret behind her incredible figure – and it involves busting her butt.

Stuhlmann, dubbed the world’s sexiest tennis influencer, has a body to die for and isn’t afraid to show it off. The 26-year-old beauty regularly wows her 271,000 Instagram followers with snaps showing her toned tum, peachy bum and ample cleavage, often packed into one of her favourite tiny tops.

But Stuhlmann doesn’t only need to be in shape to wow her fans with teasing snaps, she also needs to be fit (in every sense of the word) so that she can make education tennis tutorials.

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Playing tennis is not for the weak-hearted, and Stuhlmann stays in perfect shape thanks to a little help from Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg – and by busting her butt, of course.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Sport, the brunette beauty revealed: “Tennis is such a great workout! I feel like I’m in my best cardiovascular shape when I’m in ‘court shape.’

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Stuhlmann is extremely popular on social media thanks to a combination of her tiny tips and tennis ability

“Since I don’t have as much time to hit the courts daily, I’ve been staying in shape by attending my F45 workouts. I love all things Mark Whalberg and read an article about how he invested in F45 and is a massive advocate of the workouts.

“I went to a class a few months ago and never looked back. The high-intensity interval workouts are incredibly efficient and perfect for maintaining my frame and staying healthy.

Stuhlmann's body often receives compliments on social media

“With F45, I don’t need to strategise my exercises; they do the work for me and have strategic classes planned. All I need to do is bust my butt for 45 minutes, following along with the screens.”

Along with her tennis knowledge and ability, Stuhlmann’s amazing figure has seen her become one of sport’s top influencers. And she relishes bringing the spotlight to the sport she loves, all while being able to embrace herself with some seriously smoking snaps.

Stuhlmann's popularity looks like it is going to continue to increase

“It’s super fun to see all the articles out there,” she adds. “I love bringing positive attention to and highlighting what’s going on around the sport.

“A big part of my brand has been embracing myself and not being afraid to take hot pictures while showcasing the sport I love.”

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