Woman with world’s largest mouth in hysterics after trying on ‘vagina hammock’

The woman with the world’s largest mouth has stunned fans by trying on a one piece so small it’s been dubbed a “vagina hammock”. Sam Ramsdell, 32, enormous pie hole that can stretch to 6.52cm has landed her a spot in the Guinness World Records. But, for once, that wasn’t the centre of attention in her latest TikTok clip.

The American decided to take a step away from gorging giant hot cross buns to instead try on some risqué clothing. Having ordered the one piece that has just a small strip covering her intimate area, the record holder appeared excited to try it on.

Sam Ramsdell and model in swimsuit
Sam ordered the ‘vagina hammock’ bathing suit (Image: samramsdell5/TikTok)

“My new vagina hammock came today, let’s put her on”, Sam giggled. “I’m going to have to wear something under this. This is not going to be fun for anyone involved.” As she held the dinosaur print ‘hammock’ up to her body, Sam opened her gob wide open and let out a cackle. Still laughing about the garment when she tried it on, the American covered her modesty with a crying face emoji and said: “Is this a joke? “I think my vag ate it. I think my vag ate the bottom part.” But the confusion and fear did not stop there. Sam put on a pair of nude coloured bikini bottoms under the vagina ‘eating’ hammock where she quickly entered a swear fuelled rant.

“What the f*** is going on? What the f*** is going on?”, she repeated.

Sam holding up suit
Where does it all go? (Image: samramsdell5/TikTok)

“Are we just not doing labia’s anymore? Are labia’s out? What the f***.” Her tune quickly changed as Sam started to laugh with her record breaking mouth again and slapped her thighs. She paired the labia defying suit with some equally daring denim shorts that exposed most of her bum cheeks. “How cool do I look?” she asked. “Who said I wasn’t hip?”

Sam leaning over in suit
It does not leave much to the imagination (Image: samramsdell5/TikTok)

Sam then grinded in her bold outfit and declared: “Someone is getting paid tonight.” Shocked about the design of the ‘vagina hammock’, many people fled to the comments to share their verdict. One person fretted: “I’d be to scared to move in case my lips fell out.” Another user added: “I said omg before you even had it on.”

Sam in suit
Wouldn’t want to go swimming in that! (Image: samramsdell5/TikTok)

While a third feared: “I mean with the way swimsuits are getting smaller by the year soon this will be the norm.” Someone else giggled: “I’m DEAD!!! Are we just not doing labia’s anymore!” Meanwhile, a fifth fan chuckled: “Omg flossing the flaps.”

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