Woman wears bikini ‘backwards’ so her intimates don’t ‘fall out’

A woman admitted she wears her bikini ‘backwards’ so her intimates don’t ‘fall out’.

Rocking the two piece swimwear can certainly be freeing – but a little too much at times.

So Neva Clark devised a plan to make sure her bikini bottoms are not exposing anything that should be left for certain eyes only.

The beauty revealed that she wears the knicker style garment the wrong way round on purpose.

In a TikTok clip which racked up thousands of views, Neva rocked a yellow and pink floral set from fast fashion brand SHEIN.

As she posed in the camera and wiggled on the spot, she questioned: “Does anyone else wear their SHEIN bikini bottoms backwards so the bigger part is in the front or is that just me?”

Neva Clark
Neva shared her hack on TikTok (Image: tiktok.com/@nevaclarkk)

“Please say someone else does that.”And, it seems that Neva is not alone.

One woman commented: “YES!! I don’t know why they make the front so small.”

Another admitted: “If I wear them the normal way it literally almost falls out.”

Neva Clark
Lots of women do the same to avoid flashing their privates (Image: tiktok.com/@nevaclarkk)
@nevaclarkk Please say someone else does that #fakebody original sound – poop

While a third voiced: “Literally me or half the time I can’t figure out which is the front and back lol.”

Someone else giggled: “Yes omg I literally be hanging out if I wear it the right way around.”

Meanwhile, a fifth shared: “Thought I was the only one.”

Elsewhere, a woman was sent home from work because her outfit was ‘distracting’ – but people couldn’t work out why.

The smartly dressed office worker felt she looked ‘professional’.

Although she never specified what part of her V-neck top and skirt combo was the reason some alluded that when she bent down her cleavage become more prominent.

She quickly went viral on TikTok where she questioned if she should quit her job because of the incident.

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