Why Alexa Demie’s MAC Collaboration Was Basically Fate

The Euphoria star grew up at the beauty store. Now, she’s launching her own eye makeup collection with MAC.

One of the most popular makeup inspirations on Instagram right now is — hands down — Maddy from HBO’s breakout TV show Euphoria. Her plays on winged liner and jeweled eye makeup looks have taken over my Instagram feed and Explore page consistently for the past six months. Just when I think people have had enough, another Maddy recreation pops up.

The actress behind the fierce cat-eyed character, Alexa Demie, is no stranger to pulling inspiration for her makeup from references. Maddy was even based on mood boards Demie put together herself. Since middle school, she’s been amᴀssing folders and folders of images from her favorite films, singers, and runway shows. Demie even had private Tumblr accounts that I wish I could scroll through. “Sometimes, I go into my own little vaults, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I remember this. I never got to do this. I want to do this now,’” she tells me over the phone.

Ironically, Demie’s muses aren’t exactly modern. Most date back to the nineties and earlier. “I like to look at stuff that’s not happening right now,” the 25-year-old admits. “Even when I was younger, I never looked at current things. I’m attracted to other eras, to be honest with you.”

The most current reference Demie can pinpoint is showgirl makeup she recently tried based on Christina Aguilera’s Moulin Rouge look for the “Lady Marmalade” music video. But her favorite is from the ’60s. “I’m obsessed with this Mexican singer named Irma Serrano,” Demie says. “She had the best eyeliners and eye glosses. She was just so fun with her makeup.”

It’s almost kismet that Demie’s become such a major reference lately. To think she’s the one inspiring people to try out bold, experimental makeup for the first time is enough to warm the coldest of hearts. That’s not the only dream-like coincidence happening to her right now, though.

Today, Demie is launching an eye makeup collection with MAC called More Than Meets The Eye. The actress basically grew up with MAC. When she was little, her mom worked at one of its stores in Glendale, California. I got to chat with Demie to learn more about how that experience shaped her first-ever makeup collaboration. She also shared some insight on her signature winged liner look.

What is it like to do this collaboration now after all these years of having it in your life?

Alexa Demie: “It’s honestly so exciting because I spent so much time at the MAC store growing up. My mom would bring me in to use me as her model to teach all the other people working there. She’d bring me to all the fun parties, and I have all these pictures of me wearing Viva Glam shirts. I just felt so good at the MAC Store. There’s always so much diversity and love and acceptance and just so much fun. Everyone who worked there was in a look. I got so much inspiration from just being there.”

In addition to Viva Glam lipsticks, did you have any other childhood-favorite MAC products?

Alexa Demie: “The Lipglᴀss. I was so young, so that was the one thing my mom let me play with. Also, the loose pigments in those little, clear baby jars. There was a gorgeous translucent lavender. I remember my mom would show me how to melt it on her finger almost and put it on the eyelid rather than with a brush, and it would just go on so beautifully.”

What was it like shooting your MAC campaign?

Alexa Demie: “We did a bold eye look, which I loved. Growing up, I wasn’t always so bold with my eye shadow. I always just stuck to a clean winged liner. Now, I love playing with different colors I never thought that I would play with, so we wanted to do that in this campaign. I got to work with my makeup artist, Raoul Alejandre, who has been doing all of my looks lately and just kind of became a creative partner. When MAC allowed me to hire him to do the campaign, it was super exciting because we both got really into it and made face charts.”

How’d you get so deep into doing black liner because that’s become kind of your signature, right?

Alexa Demie: “Yeah, I think it’s partly growing up in LA. A lot of the girls at my middle school would really like snatch their winged liner. I don’t remember the first time I tried it, but I just remember I didn’t stop. That was my look. It was the clear, thick lip gloss, super snatched black winged liner, and mascara — nothing else. I still do it quite a lot today, but I’ve just been exploring other eye products. I’ve been doing a lot of eyeshadows lately.”

In Euphoria, makeup has such an emotional connection. Was it important for you to understand your makeup so you could fully get into character?

Alexa Demie: “One hundred percent. It couldn’t be looks that felt like too far out. I had a very specific vision for Maddy, and Sam, the creator of the show, loves and appreciates makeup. When we had our first dinner with everyone, Sam and I like sat in the corner talking about makeup for, like, 30 minutes. He was totally open and wanted me to bring in my references. So yeah, it’s super important that all of my looks felt right. I remember I brought him some of my own gems that I had at home, and we just played. I often would do my own winged liner on set, too, which was super helpful and made me really comfortable because that’s my look. Being that hands-on was really, really fun. The entire set is so collaborative.”

What’s your personal emotional connection to makeup like?

Alexa Demie: “It’s funny because in my day-to-day life — especially in the mornings — you will not really see me in makeup. It’s usually in the evenings. Because I wear it so much for work, I like to keep my face clean during the day. But at night, it’s more for me. It’s an exciting, playful time for me to sit down in front of my mirror. I have one of those mirrors that light up perfectly and organized all of my makeup like a store. It just brings me so much joy.”



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