When Salma Hayek Was Insecure About Her Physical Appearance & Prayed To God For Br*asts: “Please, Jesus, Give Me Some B**bs”

Salma Hayek is a well-known actress with a heavenly body but growing up, the actress had her insecurities as well that led her to pray to God to give her some b**bs in her school days. Once in her interview, she shared this with the world, and today we brought you a throwback of the same, so scroll below to get the juicy deets. The actress’ confessions are often quite hilarious, be it one where she shares how she plotted to make her husband let her adopt a puppy since they already had a farm full of animals or the story of her being worried about being rebuked by the Pope for staring at someone’s b**b hard. She always brings a smile to her fans’ faces with her idiosyncrasy; Salma is always a pleasure to watch. In one of her appearances on the popular British chat show The Graham Norton Show, Salma Hayek shared the story of when she asked Jesus for some b**bs, and clearly, He listened to her and today, she possesses a curvaceous body. Sharing the story, Salma revealed, “I was the youngest in class, and all these girls were starting to get br*asts, and I wasn’t getting anything – I was really scared. I was getting teased a lot because everyone was older, and I was the skinny tomboy.” Salma Hayek revealed she went to a church once that was believed to grant people’s wishes. She recalled, “I went to a church that had a saint that was supposed to do a lot of miracles. I put my hands in the holy water and went, ‘Please Jesus, give me some b**bs’.”

The Spanish actress further shared how she once misunderstood a review and got upset over it, and she said, “I was upset by one review because it said, ‘Salma Hayek, bombshell’. I thought they meant the movie bombed because it was so bad.”

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