‘Toxic ex made me hide away – but now I’m making £300k from s@xy snaps’

A model raking in £300,000 from sexy snaps hasn’t always been so confident. Elley Davies, 19, has been bullied throughout her life due to her “lazy eye”. But she shrugged off haters and joined OnlyFans, which had a positive impact on her self-esteem until she started dating a “toxic” bloke. The Welsh lass claims one of her exes mocked her job and tried to control what she posted online. She exclusively told Daily Star: “He told me I couldn’t post certain things… and then he saw how much money I was making and I think it got to his head a lot after that.” She continued: “If we got into an argument, he would say ‘you sell your everything online’. “He would go out and never invite me out to clubs with him. “He tried to keep me in and basically I would come to him and say ‘look I’m insecure, you don’t answer me on a night out, you don’t talk to me… I’m just checking to see if you’re ok’. “Then after, I’d go to him and try and have an adult conversation he would repeat ‘you just sell your everything online’. “But he would happily take the money I earn off of me.” She loves to flaunt her body in lingerie (Image: Instagram/elley.davies) When the relationship broke down, Elley was able to find her confidence. Since she started her TikTok in late 2021, she’s raked in thousands of pounds from her body positive posts. “I’ve earned about £300,000 – it’s insane,” Elley said. “I have a TikTok management and I earn commission from sound ads so I get sent a sound and a brief for it. “I get paid from OnlyFans as well and I’m in the TikTok creator fund. “So I have three ways of income at the minute which is brilliant. “My account on OnlyFans blew up. “I definitely earn more from OnlyFans just because, well, sex sells.” Elley said her previous relationship was “toxic” (Image: Instagram/elley.davies)The relationship made Elley feel “insecure” (Image: Instagram/elley.davies)

Elley is now in a happy relationship and is thriving more than ever – both financially and confidence wise. She managed to empower herself to chase her dreams and has now been on modelling shoots in the likes of Benidorm and Mallorca. And, she’s only just getting started. “Obviously, I’m not as explicit as I first started off with just because I’m trying to go down a more model and content creator way about my career,” Elley explained. “The explicit stuff is something I’ve shut down a bit more.

She’s certainly got the last laugh! “But I am still doing lingerie and I’m still making just as much as I would doing explicit stuff. “So, I’m really happy about that. “It really varies how much I make in a month, I think the most I’ve made in a month is £40,000 which is really good. “It’s so surreal – all the time I just can’t believe it.”

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