‘S@x work is lucrative but has dark side – it’s lonely and men won’t date me’

Sex work is often considered the oldest profession in the world – and one woman believes it’s also the most lucrative.

Fenella Fox , from Bristol, celebrates the “all-natural” look and has blown up on OnlyFans since making the decision to not shave.

The 29-year-old has been incredibly successful since joining the industry as a teenager and encourages those who have been thinking about doing the same to make the leap.

The OnlyFans star told Daily Star about opportunities in the adult industry for porn creators, but also for photographers, video editors and social media managers.

“The industry is always changing which means there are constantly new ways to make money,” she explained.

“I recommend to anyone wanting to join the adult industry to make a Twitter account and follow as much of the industry on there.

While Fenella loves her job, she says there's a dark side to adult entertainment
While Fenella loves her job, she says there’s a dark side to adult entertainment (Image: instagram.com/fenellascorner)

“It’s one of the least censored social media platforms so creators feel a lot safer expressing themselves there.

“There is a lot to learn from following other people within the adult industry on Twitter.”

But while the social media platform is a great way to build your profile, Fenella also warns that it isn’t easy to stay anonymous.

She says everything you share online will likely be copied and shared elsewhere, which is incredibly difficult to get people to stop.

The brunette beauty added: “Also most people don’t have instant success it can take years to make a full-time income from adult entertainment.”

Fenella finds it easy to talk about the perks of the job but this doesn’t mean that an adult entertainment career is always easy.

She loves the income she receives and the freedom she has
She loves the income she receives and the freedom she has (Image: instagram.com/fenellascorner)

There have been dark days in her past due to her work and there have been unique difficulties.

While Fenella doesn’t plan on leaving the industry any time soon, it does make it difficult to date.

“I find talking about my job very difficult and often have to lie to people, especially if I’ve just met them,” she shared.

“I feel I have missed out on a ‘normal’ life and used to get quite sad about it but now I’m very happy with my life decisions.

“I can’t house share and have to live by myself which has made my 20s quite expensive and very lonely at times!”

Fenella also previously worked webcam shows for a living, which was also a very difficult time.

Fenella's job makes it hard for her to date
Fenella’s job makes it hard for her to date (Image: Fenella Fox)

There was a lot of emotional abuse from tippers on the website she was on which caused many of the models to struggle with their mental health.

She continued: “We had to perform for tips and many men would dangle the idea of a tip in front of us like a carrot.

“We were also used as therapists without any training on how to cope with that. I think at the time it was easier for men to talk to a webcam model than a therapist.

“Many of us would even have men that were dying come to us for some virtual company. I am deeply thankful for OnlyFans helping me to comfortably stay away from that lifestyle as it was very bad for my mental health. I will now only do webcam shows for fun and not to pay my rent!

“Other lows of course are the stalkers and threats. Also, people sharing unwanted opinions of my job with me, saying things like ‘I would never do that’ and ‘I would never date a woman that does that’. The catfish accounts are annoying too.”

She says having a Twitter account is vital if you want to be successful in the industry
She says having a Twitter account is vital if you want to be successful in the industry (Image: Fenella Fox)

While these negative aspects have definitely taken a toll, Fenella said her choice of career also has a lot of positives.

She loves the financial aspect of her job as well as the freedom it provides her, which are both things ‘normal’ jobs can lack.

“I’ve had amazing highs when people have sent me large tips. One of my favourite memories was receiving roughly $1,000 in tips from one man when I was sat on a rooftop in Milan watching the sun go down,” the 29-year-old shared.

“It was incredible timing and I cried with happiness. I will always remember that! He tipped me because he wanted to see me travel more which I did. I travelled almost non-stop for three years after that trip!

“My current income is roughly £14,000 a month and I get most of my money from OnlyFans subscribers. I consistently have over 1000 people subscribed to my page.”

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