Shoppers joke extreme crop top would leave you ‘flashing people by accident’

We’re not sure Fashion Nova’s new crop top would keep you warm this autumn. Even though it’s long-sleeved, it doesn’t cover much else of the body. The blouse gapes open at the front, exposing an eye-popping amount of cleavage. And while some fashion fans have gushed over the design, others can’t see themselves wearing it. Many joked that they’d accidentally “flash” everyone if they wore the top. Fashion Nova is selling its Party Stater Long Sleeve Top for $24.99 (around £20). The racy design is held together by nothing but a gold chain. But this didn’t stop Gul Bahari from sporting it. The stunning influencer dared to wear the top for a day out in Miami. And it seems the look was popular with fans.

Gul pulled off the barely-there look in style – but some don’t think they could do the same (Image: Fashion Nova)

When Gul’s snap was reposted to the Fashion Nova Instagram page, it racked up 20,100 likes. Many also gushed over the style guru’s outfit. One commenter remarked: “I need this blouse.” Another said: “This would look good on me.” A third added: “The outfit is very cute!”

Some thought the top would cause your boobs to pop out (Image: Fashion Nova)

While many were keen on Fashion Nova’s top, it didn’t go down well with everyone. Some didn’t think they’d be able to pull off the risqué garment. One Instagram user commented: “To each his own, but my breasts are slightly smaller than hers and I know I would have several situations throughout the night.” A second said: “You’d definitely be flashing people by accident.” Another joked: “Excuse me miss… you forgot to finish getting dressed.”

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