SHEIN shoppers baffled by ‘obscene’ swimsuit you’d ‘have to wax your cervix for’

A lot of people like to show off a bit of skin in their swimwear while on holiday. However, people have been left baffled by one swimsuit from brand SHEIN which has been labelled “obscene”. The rhinestone-studded one piece swimsuit certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted, with it featuring a small strip which runs from your nether regions right up to your chest. And social media users have joked that they’d end up with “friction burns” from the costume as it was shared online. After spotting a Facebook ad for the swimwear, one user exclaimed: “I’d have to wax my cervix to wear this,” meanwhile another branded the cozzie “obscene”.

Model wears SHEIN SXY Rhinestone Studded One Piece Swimsuit
This SHEIN swimsuit was branded ‘obscene’ (Image: SHEIN)

Another chimed in: “It’s giving me friction burns just looking at it.”A fourth also said that the costume “must be very painful” to wear. Despite the comments, the costume has so far had four 5-star ratings on the website, with one shopper exclaiming: “Love.” Another reviewer wrote: “Amazing, stunning colour, very beautiful swimsuit. Can’t wait to try it on. I ordered two, dispatch was quick.” Users also said the costume was “true to size”, which we’re not sure is a good or bath thing to be honest…

Model wears SHEIN SXY Rhinestone Studded One Piece Swimsuit
One person joked you’d have to ‘wax your cervix’ to wear it (Image: SHEIN)
Model wears SHEIN SXY Rhinestone Studded One Piece Swimsuit
The swimsuit is on sale now for £7.99 (Image: SHEIN)

Those who do like the look of the SHEIN SXY Rhinestone Studded One Piece Swimsuit can purchase it for themselves on the SHEIN website now, with it priced at a reasonable £7.99. The comments come after another high-cut SHEIN item also caused a stir back in March. The SHEIN Dinosaur Print High Cut Tank Bodysuit is slashed so high that some thought it actually looks like it’d be painful to wear. Commenting on the bodysuit, one reviewer wrote: “It was under $10 (£7 approximately), and I needed to see a real body in it. Mine worked just fine. “Would not recommend bending over quickly. Or any jostling around of any kind really. “Nice fabric. Vibrant. Would be terrified to sit down while wearing. Definitely not able to fart in.”

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