Salma Hayek Reveals The Key Pillar of Her Relationship With Her Husband: A Lesson She Hopes To Pass Down To Her Children

Salma Hayek has been married to François-Henri Pinault since 2009 (in 2010 she added her husband’s last name to her name). Their 14 years together, added to the good chemistry they show off in front of the cameras, make the couple one of the most solid in Hollywood, which is why more than one wonders what the secret of their relationship is.

Salma Hayek says what is the “pillar” of the relationship with her husband

In an interview with the French magazine Madame Figaro, published on May 25, the actress of ‘Frida’ (film that you can see on ViX) spoke of multiple aspects of her life, among which she highlighted her relationship with her husband. Fortunately, in the French businessman he found precisely what he was looking for in a relationship: “I feel free. At no time did François make me feel that my work and my passions interfered in our marriage.” In this sense, he assured that “the pillar” of their relationship “is respect”, especially for the individuality of each one. “We are independent, we are not looking for a merger, except for brief moments. (…) Above all, we need to achieve individual strength, and for this we have to work on ourselves. The ability to share only comes later,” he explained. Salma Hayek and her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault About what made her change her mind and say “yes, I accept” to her now husband, she confessed: “I chose to spend the rest of my life with François because I knew that, like me, he wanted to evolve. We move forward together.”   “Redknapp Predicts Pochettino’s Interest in Chelsea’s 29-Year-Old Signing” In addition, he assured that the values ​​of independence and introspection are what he wishes to transmit to his daughter, Valentina Paloma, and stepchildren: “A large part of our energy also goes to our children. We want them to contribute to a better world.” Although Salma Hayek and her husband seek to maintain their individuality, the projects of one inevitably impact the other. In the aforementioned conversation, for example, he recalled that when they met, she told him that she would travel to Latin America to “help a women’s association and then meet refugees.” Although she did not seek to impose his interest in women’s rights on her partner, “he decided to see this part of me and join me from time to time.” After these accompaniments and due to the “curiosity” of the millionaire, it was that, over time, François created the Kering Foundation, which seeks to eradicate domestic violence. “(He) could have missed what I was interested in, but he is a very curious person and started to investigate on his own. We differ in many things, but our values ​​are the same,” said the 56-year-old interpreter.

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