Salma Hayek appreciates one of the most important decisions of her daughter, Valentina Paloma

Valentina Paloma Pinault is the younger daughter of actress Salma Hayek and businessman François Henri-Pinault. At just 15, she is all set to follow in her talented mother’s footsteps into acting. Following her recent debut in the new season of Black Mirror, the director also appeared on the program Good Morning America as a guest, where she talked about her daughter’s desire to venture into cinema. As it was revealed some time ago, the daughter of the Veracruz actress and the millionaire French businesswoman is interested in starting a career as an actress. Although Salma expressed her concern about the effects of fame, she eventually agreed to support it.

Salma hayek and valentina paloma

Also, he said that his daughter is very fond of acting. “She does these little videos and it’s like, wow, scary, she’s so cool, so cool, so if she wants to do it (directing and acting), I’m proud of her because she’s talented, otherwise I’m scared How do you tell your son: No, buddy, go do something else? Although it comes as a surprise to Salma that Valentina Paloma has decided to follow in her footsteps, she is happy with her choice, as she has shown skill from a young age. “I think he’s been acting and directing since he was 2 years old, especially directing.” “I mean I didn’t think I was going to be a lawyer or a director, but I think directing is far more interesting. That’s incredible,” said the Veracruz woman.

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