Pratika Sood: The renowned Anchor, Entertainer, Model, Influencer shares her new dazzling photos

Pratika sood is a popular anchor, show host, entertainer, motivational speaker, and YouTuber. She anchored over 2000 shows across 35 countries and traveled 60 International tours.

Pratika is actively doing modeling and shares her photoshoots and pictures on social media. 2016 was the year of Pratika’s huge success, the Government of India approached Pratika to be a part of one of the biggest functions in Lagos, the Festival of India.

she actively posts her beautiful and bold images on Instagram.  the pictures are received very fondly by the fans and have earned large number of followers on her Instagram account.

She shares her reels, other interesting videos and eye-pleasing photos on Instagram.

Pratika, who has her own YouTube channel, was featured in the latest Punjabi video song called “Delhi Boyzz”, which reached 509k views.

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