Plus-Size Model Helen Mathews Takes the Internet by Storm with Stunning Photos that Promote Body Positivity

Helen Mathews, a plus-size model, has taken the internet by storm with her stunning photos that promote body positivity. Mathews, who is a brand ambassador for fashion retailer Fashion Nova, is using her platform to break down societal beauty standards and to encourage others to embrace their bodies.





Helen has been modelling for several years, but it wasn’t until she started working with Fashion Nova that she truly felt seen and appreciated for her body type. “I’ve always loved fashion, but I struggled to find brands that cater to plus-size women,” said Helen. “Fashion Nova changed that for me. They make clothes for all body types, and it’s been such a game-changer.”






The model’s photos, which showcase her curves and confidence, have been widely shared on social media, with many praising her for her positive message and her ability to inspire others. Mathews has been vocal about her struggles with body image in the past, and she is using her platform to spread the message that all bodies are beautiful.






“I want to change the way society views plus-size bodies,” said Helen. “I want people to see that we are just as worthy of love and acceptance as anyone else. We deserve to be represented in fashion and media, and I’m so proud to be a part of that change.”

Fashion Nova, the brand she is an ambassador for, has also noted the impact Helen has made on their business and their audience. They have seen an increase in customers who are looking for plus-size clothing and a positive response from their audience.



Helen  message of body positivity and self-love has resonated with many, and she continues to be an inspiration to those who struggle to embrace their bodies. She is proving that plus-size bodies can be just as beautiful and fashionable as any other body type.

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