‘People say I go from a 5 to a 10 when I wear a bikini – they think my body is amazing’

A woman claims she goes from a 5 to a 10 on the beauty scale when she wears a bikini because people think she has an “amazing” figure.

Emma, who posts on TikTok under the username @emmalovesyou, shared a video of herself covered up in an oversized cotton shawl- before revealing what her body looks like underneath.

The video, which gained more than 43,000 likes, was titled: “People say I go from a five to a 10 in a bikini.”

At first, the 20-year-old started by filming herself holding the shawl over her body,with her hair down and a pair of sunglasses on her head.

Emma wrapped in a blue cotton shawl
TikTok user Emma claims she goes from a 5 to a 10 when she wears less clothing (Image: TikTok/@emmaalovesyou__)

Before the video cuts to show her figure and large bust in a black string bikini.

Over 1,000 viewers flocked to the comments to tell her how “amazing” they think her body is.

One user wrote: “I’d say that’s a 10 to 20 bonus beauty.”

Another added: “They are wrong. You go from a 10 to a 20.”

A third commented: “You look amazing.”

However, not everyone agreed as some users took to the comments claiming that she was being lied to by other people.

Emma wearing a black bikini
Emma then flaunted her body in a black string bikini (Image: TikTok/@emmaalovesyou__)

One user commented: “They ain’t said sh*t.”

Another said: “From a 5 to a 6 maybe.”

A third wrote: “You really don’t.”

The clip comes after a teacher said she shoots to the top of the class whenever she shows off her impressive figure in a bikini.

Miss Alice, a high school teacher, suggested her confidence soars when she transforms into a svelte bikini babe.

She says people tell her she goes from a five out of 10 to a dazzling 10 out of 10 when she swaps her everyday attire for much tinier beachwear such as her string-tie bikini.

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