Page 3 babe risks baring all in wet T-shirt as she pours water over herself

A Page 3 babe made a splash this week – quite literally. Apollonia Llewellyn – AKA Barbi when she’s splashed across pages of the Daily Star – often delights her 550,000 Instagram followers with her saucy posts. In a recent picture she looked sexier than ever as she went braless wearing nothing other than a wet T-shirt to cover her bits. The blonde beauty was pictured wearing a very skimpy white crop top that allowed her to flash a lot of underboob. And – if that wasn’t saucy enough – she went completely braless as she was seen pouring water over her tee. She paired the daring top with a teeny black thong, which allowed her to flaunt her bod to the max.

Apollonia Llewellyn cheekily poured water over herself and donned a wet t-shirt
The model cheekily poured water over herself and donned a wet t-shirt (Image: apolloniallewellyn/Instagram)

Apollonia cheekily smiled for the camera and bit her lip as she was seen clutching a water bottle. She looked tanned, natural and glamorous as she donned natural make-up and softly waved hair. As she teased fans she told them she was here to “brighten” their day – and it’s fair to say she did just that. Her followers were left in awe of what may just have been one of her raunchiest snaps ever. So far, more than 6,000 people have liked the post and left positive comments. One person said: “This damn sure brightens MY Monday.” Another cheekily quipped: “Need more water.”

Apollonia Llewellyn cheekily poured water over herself and donned a wet t-shirt
Apollonia has been dubbed “super sexy” by her fans (Image: apolloniallewellyn/Instagram)

A third wrote: “Pics are sweet, but real life is better, gorgeous.” Meanwhile, a fourth commented: “You are one of the most beautiful but you are super sexy.” Last year, Apollonia revealed she’s got lots of travel plans this year, and she’s been pictured a lot in the US over the past few months At the time, she said: “I have lots more work coming up in America, and hope to travel to countries I haven’t yet visited. “I have done so much this year, and added many things to my career. “Pictures of me are always so varied and so different. “However, I can say I have never done anything that’s too showy. “Always just bikini, lingerie and fashion – my fans know my style.”

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