‘My sons know about my OnlyFans job and don’t judge me – but other parents do’

An OnlyFans star has shared how her three sons handle her scandalous career.

But while they support her, the same can’t be said for other parents.

Allie Rae, 38, from America, is a former ICU nurse who was fired when they found out she had a profile on the subscription-based platform.

But the wife and mother of three boys aged 20, 18 and 13 ended up having the last laugh as she has now become a multi-millionaire thanks to the site.

It may surprise people that her two older sons know exactly what she does for work – and they’ve known for the last two years.

Allie and her husband made the decision to tell the two of them when her account started growing rapidly and many of their children’s friends were turning 18.

Allie's oldest sons know about her career
Allie’s oldest sons know about her career (Image: theallierae/Instagram)

“I didn’t want them to find out through a third party or come across me online accidentally, we wanted to tell them ourselves,” she told .

“We ended up telling them over dinner one night, we took them out to eat alone and just began to tell them little by little without revealing too many details.”

Allie and her husband started off by telling them their mum was doing modelling and had become an influencer – but her middle son didn’t believe it for a second.

He told them to “cut the bull***t” and asked them whether they were on OnlyFans.

“It was shocking and embarrassing for us but it was also a sign of relief that he knew what OnlyFans was and we didn’t have to explain any of that in detail because that would have been awkward,” she explained.

Thankfully her family is supportive of the work she does
Thankfully her family is supportive of the work she does (Image: Instagram/theallierae)

“After that, we all kinda laughed, they said ‘you guys are crazy, but more power to you’ and we moved on with the dinner.

“Until this day, we don’t need to discuss it, they just know what’s going on and it’s not that big of a deal. Nothing has really changed as far as us being parents and me being a good mum.”

As for their youngest, he isn’t aware of the full extent of what we are doing on OnlyFans.

He thinks that his mother is a “mega” model, influencer and Tik Tok star and that’s how they make their money.

Allie explained that he is aware that she is on a platform called OnlyFans because he has heard the term around the house – but he has no idea what OnlyFans actually is or what she is doing on there.

Sadly, parents in the community Allie lives in judge her
Sadly, parents in the community Allie lives in judge her (Image: Instagram/theallierae)

She added: “I think at some point we will need to sit down with him as well and let him know but right now we feel he is too young and it’s not the right time.”

Allie is thankful that her sons that do know about her career have so far been supportive.

The fact that they have both graduated from school also means it’s not an issue amongst their peers and the youngest has a private teacher,

With that being said, all of the friends of her older boys know what Allie does for a living.

“They possibly could be subscribers, but I cannot control that. I have gone to great lengths to block them on all public social media, but I cannot control OnlyFans stuff. I try not to think about that,” she explained.

Allie's son's friends also know that she's an OnlyFans star
Allie’s son’s friends also know that she’s an OnlyFans star (Image: theallierae/Instagram)

“They are all still very nice to me and never make it weird. We don’t talk about it, or anything and my boys have told me they don’t tease them, it’s kind of left unspoken.

“I think at the end of the day, my kids wouldn’t personally wish for this to be our lifestyle but they also respect my freedom of choice and are happy for our success regardless of the nature of the business.

“I ask them all the time if anything has made them uncomfortable and I trust that they would tell me if it did.

“I think my situation is more difficult than other moms doing this on the side, because of my media attention and story, it makes it very hard to hide.”

While Allie’s family is supportive of her career choices, the same can’t be said for other parents that she knows.

Allie's career has gone from one success to another
Allie’s career has gone from one success to another (Image: theallierae/Instagram)

Sadly, Allie and her husband no longer have friends in the community that they live in as the judgement they face is constant.

“We go to great lengths to not let people get too close to us, it’s horrible. Apparently, once I popped a camera up in my room filming myself having sex – something we’re all doing anyway might I add – I turned into a horrible mother who should be jailed.

“That’s basically what people say. It’s ridiculous. I am an amazing mother and wife and people can think what they want,” she said.

“It’s so funny to me how two years ago I would walk into a room as one of the most respected people on this planet as a wife, mother, ICU nurse and navy veteran and suddenly overnight because I film myself having sex with my husband online, I am now trash and all that means nothing. Just ridiculous.”

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