Mum recreates model’s bedtime lingerie video and people are howling

A woman has warned “never wake a sleeping mother” in a tongue-in-cheek parody of a model’s sexy lingerie video. In the original clip, the blonde model is wearing a skimpy thong bodysuit and posing as if she is sleeping face down on top of a bed, leaving her pert bum exposed. A guy who is presumably supposed to be her lover then saunters over and starts to caress her neck and then work his way down her body. Celeste Barber, an Australian comedian known for her more “accurate” takes of Instagram clips, then shows her version where she is lying down in a messy bed wearing a large pair of “granny pants” and an oversized tee.

Celeste Barber made a parody of this video
Celeste Barber made a parody of this video (Image: Celeste Barber / Instagram)

When her fella comes and rubs her shoulders, she snarls: “What are you doing? I’m sleeping!” She then flumps back down on the pillows and puts her sleeping mask back over her eyes. The video has been watched just under five million times on Celeste Barber’s official Instagram account since she uploaded it on Friday (November 26).

The comedian left her fans howling
The comedian left her fans howling (Image: Celeste Barber / Instagram)
Celeste clearly didn't like being woken up
Celeste clearly didn’t like being woken up (Image: INSTAGRAM/@celestebarber)
Despite normally taking the mickey out of pouting models, Celeste has actually become a legitimate influencer thanks to her funny posts and recently launched her own clothing range. The Bras N Things range designed by the comedian was announced by Celeste on Wednesday (December 1). She said the clothing was for “all of our beautiful wobbly, stretched, tired, soft, firm, scarred, curvy, excellent bodies”.

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