Mum parodies X-rated swimsuit trend – and leaves followers in stitches

High-cut cossies are one of the most daring swimwear trends of the moment. They’re loved by celebrities and influencers – from Chloe Ferry to Gabby Epstein. But what does the general public make of them? Laura, who runs the Knee Deep in Life blog, gave the trend a go by parodying a picture she spotted of model Madison Brooke. Replicating the look proved to be pretty painful – with the mum joking that the skimpy fit cut her vagina in two. She added that her curves would have spilled out if it wasn’t for some boob tape. Laura shared the side-by-side snaps with her one million followers. She captioned the post: “Google goals… bikini time. “When it’s less suns out guns out and more cloudy with a chance of windy pubic hairs. “I’m currently sporting the only shaved half my chuff look, bit like two face. “Pretty sure Harvey Dent is now the new name for my vagina.”

Laura’s parody snap has got thousands of Facebook users laughing (Image: Facebook/Knee Deep In Life)

Laura went on to share what her husband thought of the skimpy swimwear look. “Steve said: ’That’s exactly what I wan to see sucking on an overpriced ice lolly at the local splash park. “’Shouting at the kids praying you don’t bend over and offer a full anal cavity search while I pretend not to be married to you.’” The mum sarcastically added: “Nothing like masking taping your t*ts only to find out how that sticks to you like s*** to a blanket, but my areolas have a wide girth to them and those f***ers need more than cheese wire to hide them. “My neighbours were either eating dinner as this photo was taken, or well and truly put off food for life when I literally rolled my way back into the house like a chubby Indiana Jones trying to go unseen.”

Gabby Epstein is one of the Instagram stars to rock the high-leg swimsuit trend recently (Image: Instagram)

Laura’s post has racked up 25,000 likes and thousands of comments – and many said the parody post had cracked them up. One responder wrote: “You are fabulous! “There is nothing that makes me cackle like an old witch more than your posts. “Thank you my lovely, is much needed right now.” Another said: “Gosh I love you. Great laugh and just what the doctor ordered. “Thanks so much. At least we have you in lockdown.” And a third remarked: “Nailed it once again Laura. “Thanks for making us p*ss ourselves laughing at this difficult time.” And another added: “You are an inspiration to all women who have no body confidence. Keep it up.”

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