Mum parodies model’s raunchy lingerie snap – and leaves followers in hysterics

A mum parodied a model’s sexy photoshoot with hilarious results. Laura, who runs the Knee Deep In Life blog, replicated Вета’s outfit with relatable twists. While the Instagram bombshell wrapped a leather belt around her curves, the British parent opted for a spider man belt instead. And instead of wearing sexy briefs, she decided on an “old” pair of knickers that her husband thinks have a “skid mark” on. Laura hoisted the undies up like the model did, which made her grimace in discomfort. She got her husband to snap a photo, before placing the two images side by side. In the caption, Laura poked fun at how uncomfortable the get-up was. She wrote: “(When) your face alone speaks volumes at how horrifically wedged your pants are up your a*se… “My areolas didn’t discuss a escape plan and just kind of went in opposite directions.” The post racked up 19,000 likes and hundreds of comments of support. Many found the post relatable – and enjoyed that Laura is showing a more realistic view of what everyday women look like.

Laura replicated the model's picture – and the results were very amusing
Laura replicated the model’s picture – and the results were very amusing (Image: Knee Deep In Life)

One commenter asked: “Where do they get these women from, do they have a special lab and make themselves? “I love how real you keep it. And it’s such an inspiration for young girls growing up.” Another commented: “I love how you absolutely take the p*ss out of the so called ‘models’ that are only there to make us normal women feel inadequate. “They too are beautiful but they don’t need to pose with their thumbs hoiking their G-string so that the crotch nearly exports their ovaries.” And a third added: “You’re bloody amazing. I get so sick of seeing these ‘perfect’ women all over TV, social media etc, makes me feel so frigging inadequate… “You are a breath of fresh air and make me smile, thanks for the laughs lovely.”

One responder admitted: “I love this lady. She makes me laugh when I really need it.” A second gushed: “You are getting me through this lockdown. I love your honesty and confidence and willingness to tell it how it is. “You make me laugh out loud and are such an inspiration. “Stay safe lovely lady. Thank you for the laughs.” And another wrote: “Not been feeling the best lately, but you always manage to get a laugh out of me.”

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