Mum parodies Kim Kardashian’s s@xy bikini snap – leaving fans in stitches

We’ve all needed a giggle these past few months. And Celeste Barber has really provided us with some serious laughs lately. Now the 38-year-old Australian has turned her attention to Kim Kardashian – and her 7.7million Instagram followers can’t get enough. In the parody, the comedian poked fun at the US reality star who was wearing a racy string bikini while taking in the sun. It was shared earlier this month and it didn’t take long for Celeste to jump on the bandwagon either. The photo looked almost identical with the comedian wearing a bikini that came with similar detail to the one Kim was wearing.

Celeste Barber mocked Kim Kardashian in her latest parody
Celeste Barber mocked Kim Kardashian in her latest parody (Image: Celeste Barber/Instagram)

Her caption read: “Strung ham but make it cute.” Since it was posted, it racked up 611,000 likes and thousands of comments from adoring fans. One wrote: “You are beautiful,” another praised: “I love you Celeste. Keep doing what you’re doing.” While a third admitted: “I actually prefer your picture Celeste,” and a fourth gushed: “To be honest your body is hotter and sexier.”

In recent weeks, Celeste has been providing the goods on Instagram. Previously, the comedian made a mockery out of Lara Stone’s naked snap and fans loved it. In Lara’s photo, the Dutch model can be seen topless while carrying too glasses of booze to strategically cover her modesty. She glared straight at the camera while wearing a maid’s apron to cover the lower part of her body. Meanwhile, Celeste had other ideas and instead took a different approach which was even praised by Lara herself. The mum went for the same idea but instead of alcohol she used a bottle of orange juice and milk to hide her naked body. And her facial expression was absolutely priceless as the Australian star looks less than impressed. Her caption at the time read: “How it started. How it’s going.”

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