Mum divorces husband and quits banking job to become award-winning p@rn star

A woman completely transformed her life when she decided to leave her banking job behind in favour of a career in porn. And now, she’s making four times the amount she once was. Lucy Banks, 32, from Perth, Australia, ditched her corporate position to make adult videos on OnlyFans – and said her controversial new job gives her the freedom to be a better parent to her young boys.

This is worlds away from her previous career as a banker, which she first became when she was only 17 years old. Her parents were living overseas and while she wanted to stay at school, she couldn’t do that while also earning enough from her weekend job to pay rent and buy school books. She told Daily Star: “I saw a job advertised for an assistant bank manager and applied for it, which is crazy because I was 17 and had zero banking experience.

Lucy left her banking career behind in favour for adult work
Lucy left her banking career behind in favour for adult work (Image: Lucy Banks)

“I could barely do maths. There was no way they were going to give a teenager that job. But they interviewed me for it and liked me enough to offer me a full-time job as a personal banker. “From there, I worked my way up and ended up in corporate banking at the age of 21.” While it was her dream job, Lucy said the bank targets were “insane” and she was being put under a lot of pressure. She continued: “We were forced to give money to clients we knew couldn’t repay it. I was told to ring and offer people home loans, put them through the process of a mortgage application and then decline it just so my manager could hit their home loan application target. “I stood up to my manager once and she threatened my job. I quit the next day. I loved that job but not enough to ethically live with putting people into financial distress.

She had been in banking since she was 17
She had been in banking since she was 17 (Image: Lucy Banks)

“I was separating from my husband around this time, so was in a bit of a life transformation stage.”

Lucy was looking for a way that she could leave the job behind but still be able to provide for her two children.

At the time, she had a friend who was doing OnlyFans so she messaged her asking for more information.

Lucy didn’t understand what OnlyFans was but she knew she was a newly single mum and now unemployed.

“I had two beautiful little boys who needed me. So, I thought ‘Stuff it, I’m signing up to OnlyFans’. I was really shy initially; I was way in over my head,” she explained.

Now her career is thriving and she can fully support her two sons
Now her career is thriving and she can fully support her two sons (Image: Lucy Banks)

“I got married at 22, I had never even been to a strip club and I had no idea how to take sexy photos or how to talk sexually. But I quickly found my feet and started finding myself falling in love with the industry. “That was almost four years ago and I love it more than ever now. I’ve travelled interstate to do collaborations and attend Sexpo, I’ve been nominated for awards, I’ve bought property and set myself and my kids up for life. “I can do school pick up and drop off every single day and we rely on no one I’m a mother, first and foremost. But a part of being a mother is ensuring your kids are provided for, and I can do that all on my own.” Lucy told us that this career change was a “huge transformation” in a variety of different ways. Not only was she able to support her family by herself but she also became a much happier version of herself.

Lucy Banks
Lucy said she’s happier than ever (Image: Lucy Banks)

“I have never been happier, everyone who knows me says that I am glowing and confident. I look back to who I was three years ago and I don’t know that girl,” she said. “I’m now raising my gorgeous kids solo, we have enough money to live an amazing lifestyle and I absolutely love my job.” Lucy is thriving so much on OnlyFans that she’s been approached by porn studios in hopes she’d work for them. The 32-year-old has made the decision to only stick to OnlyFans as she doesn’t like to travel and wants to stay home and be close to her kids. She added: “I could go to America and pursue a studio porn career; I’ve got friends that have done it. But for me, I like working from my bedroom around school hours.”

Lucy is making four times her bankers salary
Lucy is making four times her bankers salary (Image: Lucy Banks)

Now Lucy is making four times the amount she ever was when working in banking – even though she was already on a six-figure salary back then. The brunette beauty loves that her job now allows her to work from home and no longer has the stresses she used to have. “I absolutely love [my job]. I am so much more confident, I’m my own boss and I work my own hours,” Lucy said. “I am so grateful that I can be there for all my kids’ sporting events, school events and I have been able to nurture them through the separation between their dad and me.”

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