Models wear nothing but duct tape in extremely sexy New York Fashion Week show

Duct tape bikinis have been making waves at New York Fashion Week.

To mark the bi-annual event, models walked the catwalk at The Angel Orensanz Foundation in nothing but the unconventional material.

The Black Tape Project is the brains behind the daring designs, which you’d have to be brave to wear out in public.

While some catwalk stars opted for plunging designs, others rocked swimsuits with racer-back necklines.

Stripes of black tape were used to contour the bombshells’ bodies.

In some instances, the sticky stuff was wound around the arms and calves to create kinky cuffs and anklets.

While in others, artists used tape to create eye-catching fishnet patterns.


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Back in 2008, Joel Alvarez founded the fashion brand Black Tape Project.

Instead of clothes, he uses an array of different tapes to coat the models from mirrored and metallic materials.

Over a decade later and the brand now has 560,000 followers on its Instagram page.

Writing on his website, Joel recalls how he began his designs while working as a photographer.

The self-proclaimed “King of Tape” adds on his website: “One day in 2008 I was a rookie photographer who was working with a model that suggested I use electrical tape her for the last look.”


“I honestly had no idea why she would want this but to make her happy I attempted to use this tape as wardrobe…

“Mind you she looked like two Christmas hams wrapped in rubber bands when I was done!

“However, it sparked an idea in my head to develop this idea.

“In the following weeks, I asked a few models that I had worked with in the past to let me practice on them. That was the moment the designs started to evolve!

“Although primitive with a lot of trial and error, I remember thinking I was definitely on to something. I began to notice that the way the lines of tape would compliment the figure was unlike any wardrobe or fashion out there.”

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