Model’s skimpy bikin! barely covers b@obs – but can be ‘worn in front of family’

Fast-fashion brand Fashion Nova has sparked a debate after their model wore a skimpy bikini – claiming she can “wear it in front of family”. The US retailer shared a clip of one of their models donning a chocolate brown string bikini that could barely cover her boobs. It featured a small piece of material in the crotch and said the look was “for the Gram”. But they also showed a version that would apparently be suitable to wear on holiday “with the fam”. The only difference was the mesh cover-up skirt that covered her bottom half — leaving it to fans to point out that her chest was still on full display.

Fashion Nova models wearing brown bikinis
The model wore a skimpy bikini that was made of just string and small pieces of fabric “for the Gram”

The clip, which has gained more than 10,000 likes, was captioned: “You Asked! We Answered! @NovaSWIM⁠ “GRAM⁠: Summer Lust Satin 2 Piece Bikini⁠. W/ FAM⁠: Demi Mesh Cover-Up Skirt.” Instagram viewers were left divided over the clip, with many claiming it was too “vulgar” a display to put on in front of the family.One user said: “Pretty sure exactly no one’s fam is asking to see their daughter, granddaughter, mom, sister, aunt or cousin essentially in pasties and a mini skirt.”

women in skimpy bikinis
However, the version with the skirt was said to be suitable for being out “with the fam”

Another commented: “Not wearing that around the fam.” A third added: “For the fam. She looks good enough without being vulgar. J/s. Figure is epic.” “There is no difference the top isn’t covering better,” a fourth wrote. But not everyone was so against the outfit, as a viewer argued that it was the “sexiest.”

women in skimpy bikinis
Some TikTok users thought the outfit was “vulgar”

A second penned: “Got it right.” Many models love flashing a bit of underboob now and again. One bombshell took the trend to the extreme this week as she donned a skimpy bikini. Blonde beauty Tilly certainly gave fans an eyeful as she modelled a fruity swimwear design for brand Fashion Nova.

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