Model wows in lingerie with built-in handcuffs ‘you’d need safe word for’

Want to turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day?

Fashion Nova is selling lingerie that could really set the tone in the bedroom – but you’ll probably need to pick a safe word first.

British babe Chloe Saxon modelled the undies, which come with built-in handcuffs.

The 36-year-old, who has more than 1.1million Instagram followers, looked stunning in the lacy two-piece.

She styled it with the retailer’s “booty harness”, a black belt and the cheeky cuffs.

The look was complete with towering stilettos, glamorous makeup and a bouncy blow dry.

Chloe Saxon
Chloe Saxon dazzled in the lacy undies ahead of Valentine’s Day (Image:

Fashion Nova shared Chloe’s post – and joked you’d need a “safe word” if you bought the BDSM-inspired set.

The saucy snaps garnered more than 71,000 likes, with one kinky shopper gushing: “Need this.”

Another asked: “When is this dropping? Lol asking for a friend.”

A third wrote: “Lots of fun” and a fourth added: “Gorgeous set.”

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and is celebrated every February 14.

Chloe Saxon
The naughty lingerie comes with built-in handcuffs – so get a safe word ready! (Image:
Chloe Saxon
More than 71,000 people liked the saucy snaps on the Fashion Nova page (Image:

Since the Middle Ages it has been traditional for couples to exchange small gifts to mark the day.

There are multiple theories as to who St Valentine was and what kind of things he stood for, but the most popular belief is that he was a priest in Rome in the third century AD.

During this time, emperor Claudius II banned marriage as he saw things like love and romance as a sign of weakness at a time when Rome needed hardened soldiers.

St Valentine opposed this school of thought, and opted to break the rules and help officiate weddings and arrange marriages in secret.

When he was eventually exposed for his ‘crimes’, Valentine was thrown in prison before being sentenced to death.

However, during his stint in prison, he fell in love with a prison officer’s daughter, and on the day he was sentenced to death (February 14), Valentine sent the jailer’s daughter a note signed “from your Valentine”.

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