Model ‘so h@t she makes men cry’ ditches br@ and sizzles in extreme cut-out dress

A curvy model left fans hot under the collar as she slipped into an extreme cut-out dress. Sara Allaby isn’t just a Fashion Nova ambassador, she’s so much more than that. The Canadian bombshell is known for flaunting her jaw-dropping curves to her 1.1million followers on Instagram. And when she’s strutting herself, Sara is also calling out lads for their behaviour. Previously, the model asked fans to “impress her” when she rocked a stunning cut-out dress. Now in a recent post, the blonde bombshell wore a cute cover-up from Hot Miami Styles.

Sara Allaby
She exposed a lot of flesh in the cut-out dress (Image: shoppingbagsara/Instagram)

She captioned the upload: “I’m trying to be a better person but I still got a few evil tasks I gotta do.” The beauty posed in two snaps where she ditched her bra and had her knickers on full display in the garment. Sara let her body do all the talking as she showcased her incredible curves in two photos. Thousands of followers were left in a meltdown as she shared the snaps a couple of days ago. One admirer said: “Okay this is *fire emoji*.” Another social media fan added: “Oh my God,” while a third Instagram follower gushed: “Wow babes.”

Sara Allaby
The Canadian claims she’s so hot, she makes men cry (Image: shoppingbagsara/Instagram)

Fortunately this isn’t the first time Sara put her enviable curves on show for her fans. Previously, she flaunted her sexy curves as it makes men “even more mad”. She cheekily wrote: “Once I make you madder than me, l’m not mad anymore I’m actually happy AF.” And alongside the words, Sara showcased her sexy curves as she rocked the cut-out swimsuit. It exposed a lot of her belly area and her boobs just about squeezed into the ensemble. She shared three photos, including one where she’s looking on in the distance.

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