Model says ‘whale tail’ bikini trend gives her a bum like Kim Kardashian

We all want to look good in our swimwear by the pool, and one model claims to have found a formula to look her best in her bikini. Influencer Luana Sandien said she’s been inspired by the likes of Kim Kardashian and model Emily Ratajkowski with the ‘whale tail’ bikini trend. This sees the person wearing a ‘V’ shaped bikini panty that resembles a whale’s tail when the mammal is diving. Luana says the “amazing” trend gives the impression of a bigger bum and a smaller waist. She said: “I’ve loved this trend since I first saw it in a post on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram. “Everything she touches goes viral, and soon I started seeing other celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Irina Shayk wearing it.”

Model Luana Sandien rocks the 'whale tail' trend in a white bikini
She says Kim Kardashian inspired her to try out the trend (Image: CO Press Office)

The model continued: “I tried it a few weeks ago and I realised why they joined the trend. “It gives the impression of a bigger butt and a smaller waist. It’s amazing what it can do with so little fabric.” Luana posed for some sizzling photos to show off the racy swimwear trend. One such snap saw her look out to sea wistfully as she posed in a tiny, white two-piece. She also smouldered in a patterned bikini as she posed seductively by a rock.

Model Luana Sandien rocks the 'whale tail' trend in a patterned bikini
Luana says the ‘whale tail’ makes it appear you have a bigger bum and a smaller waist (Image: CO Press Office)

This isn’t the first time that Luana has hit headlines. The Playboy star, who boasts 56,900 followers on Instagram, was also in the news back in June as she came out as ‘autosexual’. This means that she is more attracted to herself than she is to others, with the model admitting she would date herself if she could.

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