Model aims to break ‘world’s smallest bikini’ record by posing in tiny cossie

An Instagram star believes she owns the “world’s smallest bikini”. Sheyla Fong sent fans into meltdown when she modelled the microscopic one-piece this month. Since posting a picture in the string number two days ago, she’s garnered more than 11,000 likes. Her fans gushed over the look – but many worried the swimwear wouldn’t be very comfortable. Sheyla, who lives in Miami, Florida, put these fears to rest by insisting she felt great in the barely-there number. She said: “Despite being bold, the bikini is very comfortable to wear.” Sheyla, who is originally Cuban / Jamaican, hopes the tiny cossie will win her a place in the Guinness World Records book. She’s measured the swimsuit herself and revealed it’s thickness is just 3cm wide. She added: “It would be a privilege for me to be in the Guinness Book with this bikini. “I don’t think anyone can make and use a thinner one than that.” Want to read more about Sheyla? We’ve got you covered.

Sheyla’s fans went wild for the swimwear (Image: CO Press Office)
The 31-year-old has garnered 1.1 million followers due to her saucy snaps (Image: CO Press Office)

The 31-year-old boasts more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram. She also claims to earn a staggering £100,000 a year by flaunting her curves. Sheyla aspires to be like plus size model Ashley Graham and believes “real” figures are here to stay. Previously, she said: “We are in a new era of real bodies. I think the Victoria’s Secret model’s very slim body has gone out of style. “The original curves are the best… “People need to stop thinking that a woman needs to be thin or super fit to be able to show her body on the internet, as it influences the lives of many teenagers doing crazy things to have a perfect body that actually doesn’t even exist.”

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