Miss BumBum winner flaunts famous booty as she owns more than 300 s@xy bikinis

For women, it’s pretty standard to own multiple bikinis. But one model took her collection a little too far as she has more than 300 sexy designs. Carolina Lekker, who scooped the Miss BumBum 2022 title, certainly loves her swimsuits. She’s been a huge fan of them since she was a little girl, dreaming of owning different prints and shapes. Now she’s fulfilled her childhood dream of owning a swimwear collection with more than 300 pieces. Speaking about her bikinis, the Miss BumBum bombshell said: “I own hang gliders, hot pants, strapless. “I love all kinds of bikinis, I’ve just never been a big fan of the big ones, but sometimes I have to wear them.”

Carolina Lekker
The Miss BumBum winner doesn’t care about the trolls (Image: CO Press Office)

But owning such a collection can lead to hate which she often receives online. According to Carolina, it’s usually women who troll her on social media. She added: “I feel good about my body, but some women don’t accept that. “To lessen the insults, I decided to buy a size XL bikini. I believe this way the hate will decrease m “I’ll keep wearing my bikinis, just showing less skin.” In fact, some negative messages she’s received have made her sick in the past. However despite all the bad vibes, the Brazilian beauty vows to never let it get in the way of her one true passion.

Carolina Lekker
She had procedures done following her victory (Image: CO Press Office)

She admitted: “I love tiny bikinis, my collection of more than 300 is a dream come true. “But there are times when I prefer to wear a large size and not read comments that will destroy me from the inside.” The model recently hit headlines for winning the Miss BumBum competition in Brazil last summer. She later used the money from her victory to enlarge her bottom, as well as fill the unevenness on the side of her hip. Carolina also improved the projection of her backside by giving it a lift ahead of the prestigious 2020 event last year.

Carolina Lekker
Carolina owns more than 300 bikini styles (Image: CO Press Office)

It is believed she paid around 8,000 Brazilian reais, around £1,300, on her booty procedure

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