Megan Thee Stallion’s birth chart reveals ‘Savage’ truth behind ‘H๏τ Girl’ destiny

All hail, Megan Thee Stallion, rapper, graduate of Texas Southern University, bonafide bringer of bangers and scion of a new age of female empowerment and Sєx positivity.

Megan’s reign has been on the rise since she released her 2019 mixtape “Fever.” Alongside collaborator Cardi B she all but authored a new national anthem with their ode to the glories of lubrication, ladies and gentleman “WAP.”

Born February 15, 1995 with the given name Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, Megan’s birth chart shows us she is an avant garde Aquarius sun with a grind and shine Leo moon.

Ruled by structured planet Saturn and Uranus punk rock planet of disruption, Aquarius suns ride the line between maintaining the status quo and utterly upending it. Clearly, our girl Megan, with her incendiary fashion, searing lyrics and generally delightful IDGAF energy is the latter kind of water bearer. Yet, her ability to prioritize higher education alongside the creation and dissemination of chart topping hits is indicative of the dual rulership of her sun sign.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign and natives often create avatars, wear metaphorical masks, or develop public personas in order to express their multifaceted selves and protect their more tender tendencies.

Megan discussed the names and necessity of her various alter egos in a New York Times profile. “In my real life, there’s only two of me in my head: Megan and Megan Thee Stallion. Megan is the nerd who wants to watch anime, stay in bed and crack jokes with everyone. Megan Thee Stallion is when I have to perform. My alter egos are my emotions. Tina Snow is when I’m feeling confident. She’s based on Tony Snow, Pimp C’s alias. And right now I’m doing Suga — she’s sweet and vulnerable. She’s me telling people it’s OK to mess up.” Whether sweet and vulnerable or unapologetically confident, these aliases conspire to make up the brilliant constellation that is Megan.

Due to the influences of Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius lives both within and beyond the boundaries of convention. As Megan rhapsodizes of her own mulтιтudes in “Savage,” feat Beyoncé, she’s, “Classy, bougie, ratchet…Sᴀssy, moody, nasty.” Indeed, the beauty and bounty of Aquarian energy is that its contradictions and boundary bucking give the rest of us permission and encouragement to let our own freak flags fly high and mighty in the winds of weirdness.

Aquarius rules the eleventh house of friends and community. This is the sign of the high minded humanitarian and Megan is no exception. In response to the storms that devastated her home state of Texas in 2021, Megan partnered with the NACC and Rep. Sheila Lee to form a supergroup coalition she dubbed “H๏τties Helping Houston.” These H๏τties raised funds to rebuild and repair homes free of charge for senior citizens and single mothers impacted by the storm. For her efforts, Megan was presented with the 18th Congressional District Humanitarian Award.

In astrology, the moon represents our emotional interiority, relationship to the feminine and can even indicate our past life experiences. Those with moon in Leo expect attention and command respect. This is the lunar mark of those that have spent their past lives as rulers and aristocrats, generals and geniuses– they expect to be treated like royalty and venerated like deities because that’s all they’ve ever known, folks

Acclaimed astrologer Alice Sparkly Cat describes this sun in Aquarius /moon in Leo combo as follows, “You are unafraid to be different—that much is clear. When you specialize in, more than anything else, it the uncanny ability to just be you in a way that no one else can quite imitate…While highly visible, no one can quite pin you down.” Inimitable and never wholly knowable is our girl in a nut shell, or latex bodysuit.

in recognizing their own need to be worshipped, moon in Leo natives in turn inspire others to exalt in their own innate divinity. Megan refers to her fans as “H๏τties,” and stands proudly on a platform of not just body positivity but full bloom body exaltation. Her nickname itself is a nod to her 5’10 stature, stallion being Southern slang for a tall, shapely woman.

In terms of her own contribution to the cultural lexicon, Megan is perhaps best known for coining the phrase and later the song, “H๏τ Girl Summer.” The seasonal aspiration has been taken up as a broad banner by everyone from Jada Pinkett Smith to the H๏τ knot in Tom Hanks’s shirt. Megan revealed the meaning behind the message on Twitter, writing “Being a H๏τ Girl is about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth , being the life of the party etc.” Both the phrase and the sentiment reflect the regal, confident nature of her Leo moon.

Megan’s own “H๏τ girl summer” began in the wake of losing her mother and grandmother in the cruel span of just two weeks. For her, the phrase is a mark of her own forтιтude. As she described to Rolling Stone, “[The losses] weigh on me, but I know what my mom and my grandma would want me to do. My mama is a very strong woman. She raised me to be super strong. If I got the platform to spread positivity, I’m gonna do it.” Leo energy is at its best when it’s in service of others and true to form Megan has extended the warmth of her internal, eternal ethos to make her matriarchs proud and lend light light to her listeners.

Megan has Mercury, planet of communication and exchange, in the weirder than a box of hair sign of Aquarius, thus her style of expression is destined to be different. Add to this that Megan’s Mercury is retrograde in her birth chart, indicating that her intellect is more acute and her sense of humor more subversive than the average bear or waterbearer. Folks with Mercury retrograde in their birth chart absorb and respond to information in an unusual way.

Case in point: our queen spending a cool 200K to send a blinding kiss off message to her haters or reflecting on the commodification and consumption of the female body in her video for the Dua Lipa collab “Sweetest Pie.” Megan capitalized on the success of the single by partnering with food delivery platform Goldbelly to create “Megan’s H-Town H๏τtie Pie,” a salty sweet ode to her hometown and favored flavors, dusted, because OF COURSE, in edible gold.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, music, ᴀssets and aesthetics. Megan has her Venus in the ‘I will get to the top and stay there be it the boardroom or the bedroom’ sign of Capricorn. It it tracks that Megan is not only an accomplished musician, but one that is clearly versed in monetizing their prodigious talents to build wealth and lasting value. This Venus is drawn to power, status and the means to ascension.

Venus in Capricorn does not shy away from toil and self-directed success. Further, an actualized native understands value, most notably their own. We see this dynamic expressed in Megan’s lyrics to the song “Plan B.” As she reminds a wayward ex, “Bitch, I’m a die independent…D**k don’t run me, I run d**k…You’re cheap, and I be at work while you sleep, my p***y is the most expensive meal you’ll ever eat.” A poem of power and an affirmation of self-worth if ever there was one my friends.

Gender equality both the seeking of it and the singing about it are avenues by which Megan reveals and revels in, her Mars sign. Whether it’s reminding Lil Dirk in “Movie,” “I’m a boss, I could buy the same thing my man bought” or using twerking to dismantle the patriarchy in the incendiary video for “Thot sнιт,” Megan not only understands the relationship between money and power, power and oppression, but she is doing her part to unmake those standards and create the world anew in her image.

Megan, messiah of H๏τness, unparalleled shaker of a**, builder of empires, patron saint of Texas and beacon of freakdom and freedom, thank you for being born and for sharing your shine.


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