‘Making s@xy content boosted my bank account – but I’ve quit to find a man’

A woman is leaving the porn industry behind because she wants to up her chances of finding a “high value man”. Megan James runs a popular page called The Chaos Of Her, but she recently revealed she’s set to pack it all in. In a shock announcement, the Melbourne star stated her raunchy job is “100% affecting even the healthiest relationships”, and said she’s become uncomfortable being the girl “boyfriends subscribed to”. Sharing the update on her Instagram story, Megan said: “The end of an era. My creativity, my confidence, my sensuality, my connection to myself, my happiness and my bank account thrived. “But I learned a few things in the last few months that have meant this avenue of money flow no longer aligns with the vision I have for who I want to be.” She went onto explain she hopes to find love soon, and really wants to meet a “high value man” after quitting her OnlyFans.

Megan James confirmed she's quitting OnlyFans to try and find a man
She said the career has impacted relationships she’s had (Image: instagram.com/thechaosofher)

Over time Megan has become concerned about “the effect this type of work” is having on her ability to form true connections with people. “In no way am I shaming the OF girls,” she added. “The industry wouldn’t exist without demand and [sex work] is one of the oldest professions, it’s not going anywhere.” She continued: “Previously, porn was a fantasy, a girl you would never meet… now these are every day girls, they’re girls like me who you can bump into at the beach, a café, in a supermarket. “Even if you are the most open-minded person, which I am, this is 100% affecting the healthiest relationships.” The saucy star, who has 39,000 followers on Instagram, said porn “interferes with your neurological pleasure pathways”.

Megan James confirmed she's quitting OnlyFans to try and find a man
Megan become hugely popular on OnlyFans thanks to her saucy content (Image: instagram.com/thechaosofher)

She also noted the more “hyper sexualised content you consume, the less you will be aroused by regular intimacy”. “I don’t want that for my future daughter, I don’t want to contribute to that,” she explained. “I also want a very specific type of partner, a high value man, and well, he doesn’t want a wife the whole world has access to.” The decision appears to have left fans torn. While some wanted to wish Megan all the best with her new life, others were heartbroken that she’s saying goodbye to the industry.

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