Madonna is flexibility goals as she stretches her legs during rehearsals for Madame X tour

We’re not sure what kind of sorcery Madonna is dabbling in, but she seems to be getting younger and more nimble by the day.

The Material Girl showed up the entire world on Thursday, as she performed a series of mind-bending leg stretches with the grace of a gazelle leaping off a cliff face (too much?).

Lying on her back, the 60-year-old superstar swung her legs up by her ears, before swivelling them around and holding them poker-straight in the air.

Oh, and did we mention she did all of this while on her phone?

Yes, that’s right – Madonna put all yoga instructors ever to shame while still managing to WhatsApp away. Just sublime.

Decked out in a leotard, fishnet тιԍнтs and knee pads, the mum-of-six performed the manoeuvres during rehearsals for her Madame X tour.

She shared a clip of her supreme bendiness on Instagram and captioned it: ‘Madame ❌ prepares for the. day………………… #rehearsals #madamex.’


The Like A Virgin singer, whose twin daughters seem to be taking after her in the dancing stakes, has been hard at work prepping for her world tour.

She was recently forced to hit back at misogynistic haters who trolled a raunchy preview she shared from rehearsals.

In the video, she writhes around on the floor in a huge tube wearing her new eye-patch look.

Hitting back at criticism, she wrote: ‘Madame X is a history professor. PS. IG police other wise known as women-hating misogynistic bigots can F**k off!!!!!

‘Your fear of what I represent is palpable and the fact that you follow me and take the time to make remarks is an advertisement for your stupidity – ignorance and intolerance for that which is different.’

Madonna went on: ‘If I am not relevant then prove it. Stop following me. Lol.’


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