Love Island’s Casa Amor secrets revealed – from harsh rule to telltale recoupling sign

Love Island have brought Casa Amor back for another year, which is bound to provide plenty of spice as 12 bombshells storm the two villas in a bid to woo the Islanders.

This year, the lineup of female bombshells is made up of Layla, Sammy, Cynthia, Sanam, Lydia and Lynda. While Kain, Ryan, Frankie, Maxwell, Bayley and Martin are all hoping they can turn the heads of the girls.

Casa Amor has brought some iconic moments from throughout the show’s history from Amber Gill’s clash with Michael Griffiths during the recoupling to Shaughna Phillips’ “congrats hun” one-liner.

But, no Casa Amor bombshell is more iconic than Coco Lodge, who caused a storm when she sparked a romance with Andrew Le Page.

Coco Lodge spills Casa Amor's secrets
Coco Lodge spills Casa Amor’s secrets (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

And the queen of Casa Amor herself has now spilled on the twist’s biggest secrets in an exclusive Instagram live with the Mirror. Here, we take a look…

Casa Amor bombshells are separated

Although viewers would think the Casa Amor bombshells have plenty of time to get to know the Islanders in the days they spend in the villa, Coco revealed that isn’t the case.

She spilled: “The one thing that people don’t realise about Casa Amor is the time like with the boys is really separated.

“So, you do about probably five, six hours of filming a day, the rest of the time, it’s just chilling.

The Islanders and bombshells are separated throughout the day
The Islanders and bombshells are separated throughout the day (Image: ITV)

“You’re not actually with the boys like very much in the days – you have like a really limited time to get them to turn their head.

“So you have to move really fast – like, you have like to sweep in there and I guess it can kind of come across like you’re being a bit desperate because you are because you only have a few hours to get to know them, you know?”

Coco revealed that during the days, the bombshells are whisked away from the guys for hours at a time and the groups are “really separate”.

She explained: “So the girls will have to go to the dressing room for like three hours and the boys would be in the bedroom so it’s like really separate.”

Lengthy times filming the entrance

The shots of the bombshells strutting into the villas may only take up a few moments of screen time, but Coco revealed filming them takes much longer than it seems.

Looking back on her entrance into the villa, Coco admitted: “I remember being so nervous, like, honestly, like so much was just like going through my head at that point.”

She added: “They make you film the entrance literally like 30 times so you have to walk in and out so many times.

The Casa Amor bombshell entrance can take a while to film
The Casa Amor bombshell entrance can take a while to film (Image: ITV)

“So by the time you get in there you’re like: ‘that took so long’, so it kind of like takes a little bit of your nerves away.”

However, after filming the big entrance the bombshells are left to their own devices.

Coco recalled entering the empty villa waiting for the lads to discover they had arrived – which is different to this year’s female bombshell entrance as they walked into the villa with the boys in the garden.

The beauty explained: “The producers all leave and you’re just in there and you’re like…

“I think it’s different this year because they come in to the boys but when we came in the producers left and we were left with this bottle of bubbly and we were like: ‘What the f**k do we talk about?!’ Do you know what I mean? We didn’t know what to do because it was so unnatural!”

Holding villa before the big entrance

Although the initial moments in the villa may be a bit awkward for the bombshells, they are given a small opportunity to get to know their fellow bombshells beforehand.

Coco revealed the Casa Amor bombshells are taken to a ‘holding villa’ – but they’re aren’t there for long.

She spilled: “You go to like this – they call it like the holding villa.

Before the bombshells and Islanders are brought together there is a process
Before the bombshells and Islanders are brought together there is a process (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

“And that’s when I met the other girls and you we had literally – we didn’t really get to know each other – two, three minutes and then you just go in.

“But it’s a bit weird with Casa because this is your competition so it’s a bit, like ‘side eye’,” Coco laughed.

Tell-tale sign a recoupling is coming

One of the things which makes Casa Amor so juicy is the recoupling – when the current Islanders have to choose if they want to remain in their couples or pair with a bombshell.

Being in there, it must be hard to grasp when the recoupling is going to happen but Coco revealed she noticed a tell-tale sign which indicates the reunion between the two villas is set to happen soon.

Coco says the night before the recoupling, the boys and girls are separated
Coco says the night before the recoupling, the boys and girls are separated (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Coco revealed: “So you can kind of tell when the recoupling is going to be because you have a same sex bed night, which is where you have a break in the evening until the next day, where you share a bed with a girl and the boys share with the boys.

“I think it’s to give them time to really think about their decision.

“And then so we could kind of tell it was coming.”

Coco, who was chosen by Andrew Le Page in the recoupling, admitted she felt nerves about the looming recoupling the night before.

She recalled: “I remember being really, really nervous – more because I was like, ‘Gosh, I’ve done all that with someone so if I get kicked out that’s really embarrassing’,” Coco giggled.

Filming the recoupling

One well known fact is how long the recouplings take to film, but the Casa Amor recouplings are so action-packed they take even longer.

The Casa Amor recoupling takes a long time to film
The Casa Amor recoupling takes a long time to film (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Coco said the recoupling “took about six hours” as she explained: “You go to the fire pit then you’re waiting for like half an hour and then the beautiful host comes in and they do their bit and they film it a few times and then you have really long gaps between each guy couples up.

“You have a long gap before the other person walks in.”

She added: “It’s the [most] long winded thing ever. Also just so awkward!”

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