Love Island bombshell Ellie sheds light on major drama which viewers didn’t get to see

Love Island star Ellie Spence revealed there was major drama in the villa that wasn’t shown to viewers.

The contestant, along with Jordan, was dumped from the dating competition before the popular Casa Amor segments arrived.

After leaving the villa, she took to her TikTok page to reveal that ‘everyone was feuding’ but it wasn’t shown on camera.

She told her followers that she will be posting a YouTube video to ‘spill everything’ about her time on the show.

“There was a girl divide, there was a boy divide, everyone was feuding,” she said.

“There were arguments like left and right that never got aired and I’m like, This is TV gold.”

Love Island
Ellie took to social media to tease gossip about the villa (Image: Tik Tok)
Love Island
She said there was ‘tension’ between the contestants (Image: Tik Tok)

She added that she understood that there is only so much that can be shown in a 40-minute episode.

“They can’t show everything but I was there for the drama. So I’m so surprised that none of that got shown,” Ellie added.

“But it makes more sense when you understand like the underlying s**t that’s going on in there. And there was a lot of tension.”

Ellie told her followers to ask her anything they’re curious about and she will try to ‘answer as many of them as she can’.

Love Island
She was dumped from the competition last week

She concluded: “But ask more juicy ones and I’m not going to hold back.”

Fans were excited about the incoming ‘gossip’ and rushed to the comment section.

“Can’t wait to hear the gossip,” one said while another added: “omg can’t wait.”

One posted: “I’m so mad they’ve been keeping drama from us omg. Give us the goss.”

Meanwhile, Love Island ‘s Will is set to infuriate viewers in Tuesday night’s episode as he cheats on Jessie in an explosive first look.

Love Island
A first look showed Will ‘gravitating’ towards Layla (Image: ITV)

Jessie and farmer Will have been fan favourites since they first got together – but he will forget all about the Aussie bombshell as his head is turned by new girl Layla.

In scenes airing tonight, Will and newcomer Layla get to know each other on the terrace.

Layla tells Will: “You shocked me.. You’re more chatty than I thought you would be.”

Will admits: “I feel like I gravitate to you.”

As the pair get chatting on the terrace, Will admits he seems to be “gravitating” towards her during their intimate chat on the terrace.

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