Lingerie brand slams Instagram for removing underwear post over ‘s@xual activity’

Underwear brand Playful Promises has slammed Instagram, claiming it removed one of it’s lingerie posts on the website over “sexual activity”. The retailer took to the social media site to moan about the removal of it’s original post as it re-shared the snaps. The photos saw models, including influencer Jake DuPree, pose in a skimpy lingerie set, which included a garter belt, suspenders and nipple pasties. Captioning the post, Playful Promises wrote: “Let’s try this again. The first post was removed for “Sexual Activity”, despite not actually involving any of that (our inbox, on a daily basis, is another matter), then re-approved, then removed again, so adjustments have been made…

(Image: playfulpromises/Instagram)

⁣⁣”How hot does the @officialhustlerlingerie Blair set look on all these babes!? AND it’s discounted in our Outlet (psst…. looks like more stock is available on the US site, which ships worldwide).⁣⁣” And it seems fans were loving the underwear, now they actually got to see the post, with it racking up more than 12,000 likes. Many of the brand’s 374,000 followers supported it over the removed post as they let their voices be heard in the comments section.

(Image: playfulpromises/Instagram)

One wrote: “I’m putting it out in the universe, someone needs to code a new app for sharing pictures. Instagram is becoming less and less coherent and they are starting to deserve less and less to be relevant.” While another added: “Same thing happens to me often. I will post about an educational thing with a non sexual pic but it gets reported and removed.” A third quipped: “These new guidelines are really killing our vibe.”

Influencer Jake DuPree in Playful Promises lingerie

Meanwhile some of the brand’s followers couldn’t help but just admire the lingerie, as one wrote: “This all looks so beautiful.” Fashion lovers are currently going wild for the naked harness fashion trend, and we wowed when the brand shared a snap of influencer Muse à nue in their item this week.

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