Lady Bruce lee, the charming Pooja Bhalekar with martial arts prowess shares photos ahead of Ladki: Enter The Girl Dragon release

Pooja Bhalekar was born in an ordinary family, in Maharashtra.  She had a keen interest in martial arts from her childhood. Later she took up a modeling career.

Pooja made her debut in films with ‘Ladki: Enter The Girl Dragon’ directed by Ram Gopal Varma. After the release of the movie trailer and the impact it made on the internet was huge. The search for the heroine gone madly increased on the internet. People were interested to know more about Pooja.

The actor’s martial arts skills and flamboyance of glamour were heavily featured in the trailer.  Pooja is also active on social media with a large number of followers on Instagram.

Pooja Bhalekar

Pooja’s Instagram is mostly fed with glamorous photoshoots and videos. She shares fitness-related posts too.

Besides India, the movie is also released on July 15 in China as well.

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