Kylie Jenner shows off provocative dance moves in skintight n@de top and gets VIP treatment at Beyonce’s Paris concert

Kylie felt the Renaissance spirit in the City of Light, and it was evident during her luxurious car ride to see Queen Bey at her latest tour stop.

Kylie Jenner let her hair down in her and her friend's latest TikTok video

Kylie Jenner let her hair down in her and her friend’s latest TikTok videoCredit: TikTok / Kylie Jenner
Recently Kylie documented her and her friend's pre-Renaissance party

Recently Kylie documented her and her friend’s pre-Renaissance partyCredit: TikTok / Kylie Jenner

The 25-year-old businesswoman shed her typical composed demeanor in the recent video she posted to TikTok. Kylie swung her side to side, moving her body in a rhythmic motion, mouthing the words to the lyrics of Heated – a song from Beyonce’s, 41, newest album Renaissance. The mom of two’s friends, who were also present with her in the car, took turns dancing and mouthing the lyrics to the song in the clip also. Kylie appeared totally carefree and stylish, keeping her look simple yet sexy. For the concert, she wore a body-hugging flesh-toned top that emphasized her busty chest and fingerless leather evening gloves that were identical to the ones Beyonce recently performed in. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum posted a clip from her pre-Renaissance party on TikTok and her Instagram Stories. On her Instagram Stories, she reposted the TikTok her friend made with her and their mutual friends to another song on the Renaissance album that was dubbed over the video. Later videos in the Hulu star’s Stories were of the Grammy-winner’s actual performance from a seat that was kinda near the stage.

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