KNOCK OUT Meet the glamorous Misfits Boxing ring girl who left fans hot under the collar on KSI and Elle Brooke fight card

BOXING fans were left stunned at the Misfits Boxing 4 show in London upon laying eyes on one of the ring girls.

Apollonia Llewellyn made her presence known during the Elle Brooke and KSI fight card at Wembley.

Apollonia has earned quite a following as a Page 3 girl and a model while juggling her ring girl duties.

Just like Brooke – who stood tall at Misfits as she stopped Tik Tok sensation Faith Ordway within less than two minutes of their match – she runs her own OnlyFans page where she teases fans with x-rated snaps.

She also shares glam pics with her supporters for free on social media, such as her Instagram where she has over half a million followers.

Apollonia told the Daily Star: “Elle Brooke and I have completely different levels on OnlyFans, so I don’t feel like I can relate to her on this one. We don’t have anything in common!

“I love being a part of Misfit events. It’s like one big family! It’s more like a social event for me rather than work.

“The whole package. I love all the hype for it and the leading up days. It’s so fun!”

Apollonia has earned the nickname of Barbi as part of her experience as a Page 3 model.

She revealed that the moniker occurred because she looks like a Barbie doll and her name is too long.

Apollonia added: “So my Barbi nickname came from Jeany Savage who runs Page 3, my name was too long to be printed – and she said I was just like a Barbie girl so we made it my own!

“They love what I do [her parents] and my friends and family are so supportive but I have gotten backlash from people who act like they know me but don’t.

“I always get it and still do to this day. I just have to ignore it and I’ve learnt that I have to let it go!”




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