Kim Kardashian Faced Heavy Criticism Against Her Latest Photoshoot

Kim Kardashian has suffered another awkward PH๏τoshop fail with fans spotting a mysterious third hand in her latest social media post.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took a trip down memory lane and shared snaps from a pH๏τo shoot from February, which saw her posing in a snakeskin outfit with a matching print painted onto her jet black hair and also on her long false nails.

In one of the pH๏τos, Kim, 39, poses with her hands resting on the wall while crouching down.

It looks normal at first glance but eagle-eyed fans noticed what appears to be her snakeskin print false nails protruding slightly through her hair, creating an extra hand.

One follower commented: ‘You left an extra hand in your hair,’ while another quipped: ‘I have second hand embarrᴀssment for you.’

‘HEY @KimKardashian … You left someone’s hand in your hair!!!’ a follower kindly pointed out.

It made one fan feel uneasy as they commented: ‘The extra hand is so creepy.’

Asking all the questions fans want to know, another weighed in: ‘Why is there a hand in your hair, how did they pH๏τoshop this picture for that to happen by accident Howw??’

However another offered an alternative suggestion and mused: ‘The hand in her hair could be intentional.’

Kim is yet to comment on the possible blunder so we may never know.

It comes just days after the KKW Beauty founder was accused of blackfishing after apologising for the different tones between her hand and face after applying thick make-up.

Don’t judge me for my pale hand,’ Kim told her Instagram followers as she applied lipstick.


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