Katy Perry’s breakup anthem ‘Never Really Over’ is her best new song in years

Katy Perry is back and better than she’s been in years.

Between her disappointing 2017 album “Witness” and often-annoying antics as “American Idol” judge, we were beginning to worry that the long-reliable pop queen would never return to her perch at the top of the charts.

But with new single “Never Really Over,” released early Friday morning, Perry has an undeniable earworm that should prove to be a strong song-of-summer contender.

The pulsing Zedd-produced breakup anthem finds her mulling over an ex years later, singing, “Oh, we were such a mess, but wasn’t it the best? Thought it was done, but I guess it’s never really over.”

The song’s message is ultimately about healing and growing from each relationship, which she drives home in its therapy-themed music video, where she attends a utopian retreat and dances in fields in a flowing dress and long blonde wig.

“Never Really Over” is Perry’s first solo single in two years, although she recently featured on Zedd’s “365” and Daddy Yankee’s “Con Calma.” She’s newly engaged to actor Orlando Bloom.


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