Janelle Monae flaunts in sheer gown before opening up about her gender identity

Janelle Monae could teach a class on spicy red carpet moments. The proof? Her abs, legs, and nipple-baring look from the Critics Choice Awards.

Janelle rocked a black, sheer Vera Wang gown with cutouts on her hips, and dang, is she super strong! The Glass Onion actress and singer, who is nonbinary, shared a reel of her night, writing, “I’m owed nothing. Grateful for everything…floating in an ocean of gratitude, always.” And, surprise to no one, her comments section was filled with hearts and flame emojis, because this is one incredible look.

Here are some pics from the night, in case you missed it:

28th annual critics choice awards arrivals
If you’re wondering how Janelle stays so fit, and emotionally centered, don’t fret. I’ve got the deets.

The first thing to know is that she usually wakes up at 9:30 a.m. and starts her day phoneless. She takes 10 deep breaths to begin the day on a calm note, before moving on to her workout, she told Balance the Grind.

“I do Shaun T’s Pure Cardio: Insanity,” she told Fast Company. “It cures my anxiety or any depression I’m dealing with.” And ICYMI, Janelle also literally has a song called “Yoga”, so I think it’s safe to assume this also figures into her routine.

But Janelle isn’t a huge fan of organized workouts, and thinkings of her physical fitness goals in a more holistic way. “I love being onstage and dancing. I love going out dancing. I don’t like doing things in a gym,” she told Shape.

“Mental and physical health is a journey, not a destination,” she added. “My shape doesn’t have to be what you think it should be. I am on a journey, and the journey itself is the reward. The journey is the lesson.”

Janelle shared her on-tour diet with Bon Apetit back in 2020, and said she used to eat the same meal every night.

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“Because our shows are so high energy, if I eat too close to performing, I can get a cramp. So I try to eat maybe three hours before,” she said. “I used to eat the same meal before every show: chicken, rice, and green beans. People were like, You really are some sort of android robot.”

Android robot or not, Janelle is killing it!

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