‘It’s not easy being a real life Barbie doll – it’s tough looking this good’

This 23-year-old opera singer from Prague, Czech Republic, is not only blessed with a voice like a nightingale but also looks like a living, breathing doll.

With her Barbie-like appearance and stunning vocal talent, Gabriela has been described as a “true unicorn” in the music industry. Gabriela has been performing since the age of seven and has studied classical and opera singing. She has won several awards, including first place in the international singing compeтιтion Zelený Slavík (Green Nightingale). She has also appeared in supporting and leading roles in several theatre productions and the well-known Czech series Ulice and Špačkovi v síti času.

However, Gabriela is not just a talented opera singer. She is also known for her striking resemblance to the iconic Barbie doll. The vocalist a started her visual transformation as part of the self-art project Lolo ta Bella (The Beautiful Dolores). And she’s since become a beauty ambᴀssador, receiving interesting offers from various clinics, boutiques, and salons from around the world.

Gabriela has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures over the years – including liposuction, a nose job, a lip lift, dermal fillers in her lips, chin jawline and cheekbones, Botox in her forehead and glabella, and ceramic front teeth for a ‘perfect Hollywood smile’. She said: “For several years now, as a beauty ambᴀssador, I didn’t have to pay for any cosmetic or surgical procedures, as I received them for free as part of my collaboration. “The only procedures I’ve paid for is my first breast surgery £3,200 ($4,000), and my teeth adjustment £7,000 ($8,600).”

The overall cost of the procedures amounts to around £62,000 ($80,000) – but the singer believes it’s worth it. She said looking like a human Barbie is empowering and claims she’s simply enhancing what she was born with. In addition to cosmetic procedures, Gabriela spends around half an hour on her make-up daily and if she goes for full glam, she uses the services of a makeup artist.

“Maintaining my appearance is tough in every way, financially, physically, and mentally,” she said. “The media, my supporters, haters, and everyone else is putting much pressure on me.” Gabriela doesn’t let haters hold her back though.

She added: “I’ve always been happy. The fact that I enjoy fake beauty does not imply that I have ever had poor self-esteem. I have always loved my body and openly admit I was aware of my natural beauty. “Even when the peak of my aesthetic modifications was just make-up, people called me Barbie. “They asked me which surgeon I went to for my nose job, which clinic I went to for breast augmentation, whether I used enlarging contact lenses, and what my diet was because I had such a slim figure. However, I didn’t have anything artificially ‘tuned’ and didn’t even care about my figure then. So, it follows – I was probably born as a Barbie.”

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