Is Kylie Jenner ‘pretending to be poor’ in new photos? Netizens think so

Kylie Jenner often posts to Instagram to give her followers a glimpse of her luxurious lifestyle. Her followers were stunned when she recently took to Instagram to post photos that were of a completely different aesthetic than her usual. In the pictures, Kylie posed in the middle of a forest while wearing a floral blue and white dress. The pictures were not well received by everyone, as multiple netizens slammed her for “pretending to be poor.”

Kylie Jenner posts photos of her posing in the midst of nature

Kylie Jenner recently took to Instagram to post multiple pictures of herself posing in what seemed like a jungle. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum looked like she was enjoying her time in nature as the series of pictures featured her smiling at the camera. Kylie wore a Bohemian-style floral dress that had blue and white flowers on it. The mother of two looked stunning in the dress with puffy sleeves as she struck poses for the camera. The caption, along with pictures, read, “what a day.”  Before Kylie posted the pictures, she had shared a photo of herself in a private jet with the same outfit on. The pictures of Kylie in nature showed her followers her hidden side, but a few noted that the pictures were contradictory and called the star out for it.

Netizens accuse Kylie Jenner of pretending to be poor 

Netizens noted that Kylie was going for the “cottage-core” vibe but decided to call her out on how contradicting it was. One user shared the picture on Reddit and wrote, “Sis wants to play simplistic, poor, Cottagecore girlie but also poses in front of her tacky mansion & in her private jet in the same post You can’t be both babe.” Another commented, “It’s the juxtaposition of the ~cottagecore~ dress with the bbl body for me.” A third chimed in,  “this is so bizarre and cringe. does she fancy herself a modern day disney princess? why is this happening?” Another user noted a tiny detail from the photos as they commented, “Cottagecore x Mansion x Chanel Earrings x Private Jet.” Kylie was slammed by the netizens who accused her of pretending to be poor to fit a specific aesthetic. The star has been called out in the past for flaunting her luxurious life on Instagram.

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