Instagram model shares simple beauty hack that gives her a ‘silky smooth’ bum

An Instagram model has shared a simple beauty hack which she says helps her achieve a “silky smooth” bum. Model and ring girl Amber Fields said that jade rolling her body is the secret to her super-soft skin. Jade rollers, which are usually used on the face, gently massage skin, which helps stimulate the lymph nodes to drain fluids and toxins. This can help reduce puffiness and increase circulation – making your skin appear brighter and firmer. However, Amber said she doesn’t she while you have to just stick to using it on your face. She commented: “I have been doing it for a year now, and my skin never looked better.

Model Amber Fields poses in lingerie
The model says she uses a jade roller on her entire body (Image: Jeff Coulter/CO PRESS)

“I started the process by jade rolling my face everyday, I just saw such a difference in the texture of it I had to try it on my entire body. “I had never heard of anyone doing it, everyone always talks about using it on the face, never anywhere else… “To my surprise, it worked so great it is a part of my every night skincare routine regimen.” And Amber said she’s seen a big difference in her booty, in particular.

Model Amber Fields poses in lingerie
Jade rollers help reduce puffiness and increase circulation (Image: Jeff Coulter/CO PRESS)
Model Amber Fields poses in a bikini
Amber showed off her rear in some sexy snaps (Image: Jeff Coulter/CO PRESS)

She added: “Everywhere looks amazing, but I have to say the texture of my bum is just a whole new level. “I always worked out and moisturised, but this really did make such a difference.” Jade rollers can be bought in most beauty shops for around the £12 mark, such as this Revolution Skincare Rose Quartz Roller. They’re said to be good for “drainage” of the skin, which may improve blood flow and circulation. The theory is this gives you glowier skin – though more research needs to be done to prove this. Amber posed for some sexy snaps to prove just how smooth her rear now is, thanks to the hack. One photo saw her flaunt her behind in some black lingerie and suspenders, while another saw her rock a royal blue thong bodysuit. The brunette also looked amazing in a teeny pink snakeskin-print bikini.

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