Instagram model flashes major underb@ob in new upside-down bikini swimwear trend

It may only be March but a weird new swimwear craze is already appearing on social media. Instagram stars and blogger who are catching some rays in winter sun locations are posing with their bikini tops on upside down. And it means some serious underboss is on show. Australian influencer Tammy Hembrow , who has 10.8 million Instagram followers, lead the trend after posting a snap of herself in an upside down pink Dior bikini. The string bikini unveiled an impressive amount of underboob after she tied it on in the unusual way. Tammy’s followers noted the change and several made comments.

One said: “Ma’am, your bikini might be upside down.” Another wrote: “Tf does she have the bathing suit top upside down for?” Tammy was unfazed and replied: “Maybe cause I feel like it? LMAO.”

Tammy’s post received thousands of likes online (Image: @tammyhembrow / Instagram)

Some were confused at how the top was staying on Tammy’s body and said: “Some trends shouldn’t be followed.” Others loved the photo though saying she was “killing it” and “so fresh”. Tammy has her own fitness brand, Tammy Hembrow Fitness, and a clothing line called Saski Collection.

Gorgeous Aussie Tammy has over 10 million followers (Image: @tammyhembrow / Instagram)

The unusual craze first showed up on Instagram in mid-2018 when models tied both strings of the bikinis in the middle of their backs. The method produced tops which squeezed the breasts inwards and provided a strapless cleavage-boosting effect. While the bikinis are not designed to be worn in this way, the style created a busty view for online fans.

Will the blonde beauty spark a major underboob craze for summer 2020? (Image: @tammyhembrow / Instagram)

It is thought that Italian model Valentina Fradegada started the trend. Joining in with the trend are model Valeria Rey and Boluda Eseberri. Unfortunately the method means that the model’s boobs are less supported and many critics have pointed out that the style is impractical and can not be worn by ladies with larger chests.

A lack of proper support for breasts can lead to pain in the chest and back, skin damage and stretch marks. So, while the sexy trend may make the most of your bust… we’re not sure we’d advise you to join in.

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