Influencer slams shop as she shares ‘most unflattering changing room pics ever’

Social media influencer Georgie Clarke has slammed a high-street shop after taking the ‘most unflattering changing room pictures ever’. The body positive brunette, who boasts 691,000 Instagram followers, took to the site to share the photos. She was seen posing in a variety of outfits from the store – which she didn’t name – as she called the photos “terrible”. Georgie slammed the shop’s lighting and mirrors, as she said although the photos were “terrible” – she knows her body isn’t. The first snap saw her wearing a white vest top and a thong, as she appeared to be sporting cellulite on her bum.

Georgie Clarke shares 'terrible changing room' picture
She said the changing rooms resulted in the ‘most unflattering pics ever’ (Image:

She also tried on various other tops and and a dress, with not much seeming to fit her very well. Captioning the post, the influencer wrote: “Welcome to a series of the most unflattering changing room lighting and badly made clothes I’ve ever seen in my LIFE. Can anyone guess the shop? “The reality of this situation is… it’s so hard to not see yourself in all those badly lit angels of the mirrors and think bloody hell is that what I really look like?!

Georgie Clarke shares 'terrible changing room' picture
Georgie criticised the shop’s lighting and mirrors (Image:
Georgie Clarke shares 'terrible changing room' picture
She asked fans if they could guess which shop it was (Image:

“It’s NOT just you who feels this way, I promise.” She added: “The old version of me would been upset to see myself like this… in fact it would’ve ruined my day and I’d have probably gone home and spoken negatively about my self for the next month. “The version of me who accepts and loves myself knows that I can’t let one fitting room change my feelings about myself. They’re TERRIBLE but that doesn’t make my body terrible. My body is fab.” Fans supported the star on the post, with it racking up more than 46,000 likes. One person exclaimed: “I hate them so much, changing room lighting is just the worst! That’s why I love online shopping, my bedroom lighting is the most soft light ever.”

Georgie Clarke poses for two gym wear pictures
The influencer is known for her body positive posts (Image:

While another added: “I mean you look bloody sensational but yeah I seriously often wonder who the F thinks it’s a good idea to design these changing rooms with the aim to make us feel s**t.” A third chimed in: “I think if every clothes shop had warmer lighting in their changing rooms, they would probably sell more because people would feel more confident! I always come out of the changing rooms mad at myself! It’s ridiculous.”

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