Influencer shares natural booty snap to encourage people to stop airbrushing

An influencer showed off her cellulite-covered booty in slinky swimwear and exposed her natural body in an unedited snap. Swimwear designer Karina Irby is known for showing off her curves in body positive snaps. Now she’s encouraged other women to do the same and urged people to embrace their cellulite by showing her over 1.2million Instagram followers what her unedited body looks like.

Karina looked incredible as she posed for the picture standing next to a swimming pool. She wore a patterned string bikini as she modelled the swimwear from the back, which enabled her to put on a very peachy display. The content creator went completely au naturale as she was make-up free, her hair was wet from having recently been for a dip and she flashed a glowing smile to the camera.

Karina Irby showed off her cellulite as she flashed her bum for the camera
Karina showed off her cellulite as she flashed her bum for the camera (Image:

The blonde beach babe embraced her complexion as she showed off her natural bum – and legs – which were covered with patches of cellulite. Karina shared the unedited snap in a bid to teach other people to do the same, as she wants women around the world to know that “perfection” doesn’t exist, and it’s completely normal to have cellulite. Writing on Instagram, Karina said: “Let’s keep it unedited. “Imagine if everyone stopped airbrushing their cellulite?! “We would all release how damn NORMAL IT IS. “Every human walking on this earth has cellulite one way or another. “So why are you so hard on yours? “Please don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re only human.”

Karina Irby showed off her cellulite as she flashed her bum for the camera
The body positive babe is known for showing off her natural bod (Image:

Since she shared the snap more than 13,000 people liked it and dozens of people also left comments. People couldn’t help but tell Karina how amazing they thought she looked and thanked her for showing her real body. One person said: “Exactly! Yet people have the audacity to comment on my pics saying I have too much.” Another added: “Even Kim Kardashian has cellulite, and y’all still worship her. “Stop acting like it isn’t normal.” Meanwhile, a third commented: “Thank you. From all women.”

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